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Unit 9. Nature in danger

Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Người gửi: Đặng Trần Thảo Duyên
Ngày gửi: 21h:09' 18-04-2017
Dung lượng: 8.3 MB
Số lượt tải: 51
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Group 3
Welcome to our planet!!!
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
S-03 Planet
- Area:
100 square kilometers.
Population: 10000 people.
In the galaxy.
Explored by Alexander Tuấn
Our planet:
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
1/ Natural conditions
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Weather : under our control
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
+ Warm all year round, drizzle.
+ Little snow in the winter.
- Flowers bloom all year round, especially sakura in the spring
- Birds singing, butterflies gliding

Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Pink ocean – a special thing in our planet.
This is home to thousands of marine species.
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
No disasters:
No earthquakes
No storms
No floods
No tsunamis
No droughts
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
No pollution: air, soil, water, …
Our planet will become a liveable and eco- place to live.
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
2/ Infrastructure
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Accomodation: villas
Each villa has full facilities such as swimming pools, gardens,…
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Transport system:
The magic door will help us move to the place we want immediately.
The broomstick is used if you want both to go and sightseeing.
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Public service system: abundant, diversity.
Golf yard
Gym room
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Pets Center
Aquarium: convenient and has bedrooms with a view of marine world.
Park – a wonderful entertainment venue.
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Energy sources: renewable
Wind power
Solar power
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Treatment of waste: waste is sent directly through a network of pipes from every house to factories to handle.
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
3/ People`s life and work
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Education and healthcare: convenient, free…
- Schools and hospitals: modern, everywhere.
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
Working conditions: comfortable; time working: flexible
- 3 hours/ day ; 4 days/ week
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
- modern offices and buildings.
Thanks for watching
Group 3 – 11A1 – AN2
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