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    Unit 2 . People’s backgrounds

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    Nguồn: Trần Tráng Trinh
    Người gửi: Trần Tráng Trinh
    Ngày gửi: 23h:27' 02-09-2009
    Dung lượng: 1.4 MB
    Số lượt tải: 202
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    Class 10NC
    Unit 2
    People`s background
    This is the room where scientists do experiments.
    Dr. Ton That Tung used to work at Ha Noi _____ University.
    This is a beautiful coastal city in Central Vietnam.
    He is the scientist who developed vaccines for rabies.
    This is Pasteur _______ located in Nha Trang.
    This is a country in Europe which is famous for the Eiffel Tower.
    New words
    baccalaureate (n)
    immunology (n)
    quinine (n)
    quinquina (n)
    humane (adj)
    = cinchona (n)
     humanity (n)
    quinquina = cinchona
    humane  humanity
    cây kanh-ki-na
    (lòng) nhân đạo
    miễn dịch học
    bằng cử nhân
    thuốc chống sốt rét
    D o y o u r e m e m b e r ?
    quinquina = cinchona
    humane  humanity
    bằng cử nhân
    miễn dịch học
    thuốc chống sốt rét
    cây kanh-ki-na
    (lòng) nhân đạo
    D o y o u r e m e m b e r ?
    B. Listen to part A and check whether these statements are true or false. Then correct the false statements.
    Alexandre Yersin was born in France.
    He graduated from a medical school in Paris.
    His home is in Da Lat.
    He built the Pasteur Institute in Da Lat.
    He discovered Da Lat in the 18th century.
    T F

    Why are they false?
    1. In Switzerland
    3. In Nha Trang
    4. In Nha Trang
    5. In the 19th century
    D. Listen to part B and circle the correct answers.
    1. What animal did he raise in his research?
    A. Rats B. Rabbits C. Cats D. Horses
    2. What tree did he introduced to Viet Nam?
    A. The coffee tree C. The mango tree
    B. The rubber tree D. The tea tree
    3. In what kind of plantations can quinine be found?
    A. Tea plantations C. Cinchona plantations
    B. Coffee plantations D. (None are correct)
    4. What did people in Nha Trang think about him?
    A. He was friendly C. He was polite
    B. He was humane D. He was selfish
    5. How old was he when he died?
    A. 68 B. 58 C. 78 D. 80
    c. What happened to Yersin in the following years?
    1888: joined Dr. Louis Pasteur’s team
    1891: _________________________
    1940: _________________________
    1943: __________________________
    discovered Da Lat
    returned to France
    died in Nha Trang
    1. Which city in the highland of Vietnam did he discover?
    2. What did he build in Nha Trang?
    3- Why did he raise horses?
    4- What kind of trees did he bring to Vietnam?
    5. Why did he grow quinquina trees?
    E. Discussion
    Talk about Yersin’s contributions to Vietnam
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