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    Unit 3. People s background

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    Người gửi: Trần Văn Phong (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 16h:43' 28-01-2008
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    UNIT 3:People?s Background

    Work in group of 4 students and do these assignments:
    Find out form and meaning of tenses are used.
    Tell the rule to use them.
    The secretary of every group writes the answer of his group
    1.He worked in this factory from 1975 to 1990.
    2.The secretary had typed ten letters before lunchtime yesterday.
    3.He had seldom travelled by bicycle before he went to Vietnam.
    4.She knew that she had made a serious mistake.
    5.Mr Brown phoned the scotts after they had sold their house.
    had(not) +V3/Ved

    An individual of each group represents the answer of her group.
    Past perfect:express an action which happened in the past before another past action or a definite point of time in the past
    Past simple: express a completed action in the past.
    Practice:work in group of 4
    1.When they met again,they (not see) for two years.
    2.By the time he(arrive) yesterday,all his classmates (leave).
    3.We(not have)their new phone number because they(move) to the South.
    4.Ann (go) to get the carpet for the room but someone already (take) it.
    5.She returned home because she suddenly (remember)
    She(not turn off) the gas stove.
    Use the verbs in brackets in the past simple or the past perfect.
    1.hadn?t seen
    2.arrived, had left
    3.didn?t have, had moved
    4.went, had already taken
    5.remembered,hadn?t turned off
    Share and respond positively
    Choose the best option.Work in group of 4
    1.He????his wife until he was 40.
    A.didn?t meet B.haven?t met C.hadn?t met D.not saw
    2.When he grew old,he often???of all the things he??.when he was young.
    A.thought / had done B.thinks / did C.had thought / had done D.thought/ did.
    3.He ???..in Hue for 2 years.Now he lives in Ho Chi Minh.
    A.lives B.had lived C.lived D.has lived
    Share and respond positively
    Make complete sentences,using past simple and past perfect.Work in pair
    Give all possible answers
    Which conjunctions can be used in your sentences?
    By the time

    Share and respond positively

    1. Which tenses have you just learned? How are they used?
    2.Do you master them?Do you get any trouble?share it with your friend.
    3.Prepare unit 4:partA reading
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