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  • Chào mừng quý vị đến với Thư viện Bài giảng điện tử.

    Quý vị chưa đăng nhập hoặc chưa đăng ký làm thành viên, vì vậy chưa thể tải được các tư liệu của Thư viện về máy tính của mình.
    Nếu đã đăng ký rồi, quý vị có thể đăng nhập ở ngay ô bên phải.

    Unit 10. Conservation

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    Welcome to our class!

    I/ Warm-up:
    Put the words in the correct columm
    1. How to pronunce /b/ and /p/
    2. Exercise in text book
    III/ Grammar:
    1. Exercise 1: Choose the best answer
    2. Exercise 2 : Put the verb in correct form
    3. Exercise 3: Fill in the blank with correct form of wod in the box
    V/ Homework

    A.Language focus
    Period: 64th

    UNIT 10:
    Language focus
    Teacher: Voõ Thò Myõ Trang
    Cö M’gar High School
    Polar bears
    I/ Pronunciation: /b/ and / p/
    /b/ /p/
    bee pea
    ban pan
    cab cap
    bad Paul
    back power

    The sound /p/ is read strongly
    The sound /b/ is read the same as `b` in Vietnamese
    Note: -when b is put after m, it is a silent sound
    EX: -comb / kΛm /
    -climb /klaim/
    -plumber /plΛmr/
    -bomb /bom/
    .- the sound /p/ is not read when it begins of a word and after it are “S” or “N”
    EX: Pneumatic/nju:’mætik/
    -when it stands before “T”
    EX: empty/emti/

    Practice: Listen and repeat
    1) Pat buys Bill a big pad of paper

    2) A black bee is picking some pollen.
    3) Put the blouses in the paper bags.
    4) Paul borrowed a book about puppies from the library.

    5) The beautiful carpet is my brother’s present.
    6) Is this picture painted on the pupils’ caps

    Forests are cut down by human
    Our environment is polluted
    Wife life is threatened seriously
    be + V3/ V-ed
    Active: S + V + O
    Passive: S + be + V3/ V-ed + By +O
    How to change into passive voice
    Identify Subject, Verb, Object
    Obj(active) Sub(passive)
    Main Verb(active) be +V3/ V-ed
    Sub(active) by + Obj
    Choose the right form of the verbs in brackets
    The children ( reported/ were reported) to be homeless.
    Trees (grow/ are grown) well in this soil.
    Can English (be spoken/ speak) at the club.
    I (don`t invite/ am not invited) to the parties very often.
    Many new roads (are being built/ are building) in this city.
    were reported
    are grown
    be spoken
    am not invited
    are being built
    Choose the correct one
    Choose the correct one
    1. When they (come), the meeting (start). They (be) ten minutes late.
    A. came/ had been started/ were B.came/was started/ had been
    C. had come/ started/ were D. had come/ had been started/were
    2. He (stand) in front of a large audience. He (photograph) by many journalists now.
    A. Is standing/ is photographing B. is standing/ is being photographed
    C. stands/ is being photographed D.stands/ is photographing.
    3.The students (tell) about the changes of their timetable yet?
    A. Have the students told B. Did the students tell
    C. Have the students been told D.Were students told
    4. At that time the table(lay) and I (decide) not to come in .
    A. laid / decided B. was laying/ decided
    C. was being laid / decide D. was being laid / decidedẹ.
    5. Where these young coconut trees (plant)?
    A. will. be planted B. will .plant
    C. will... be planting D. Is... being planted

    arrive be clean meet take
    make organize put prepare serve
    - How was the holiday?
    Oh, it was fantastic. Everything(1)____________ so well. As soon as we (2)__________at the airport, we (3) ___________- and(4)_ _______ to the hotel. All the rooms(5)_ _______________ well and fresh flowers (6)____________ on the table.
    Oh, how lovely! And what about the food?
    It (7)__________ excellent. They freshly (8)___________it all in the hotel and they even(9)_________ the bread in the hotel kitchen. The bread rolls(10)______________ hot every morning for breakfast.
    was organized
    were met
    had been cleaned
    had been put
    were served
    Review the passive voice.
    Do all exercises in text book again.
    More exercise: find the mistakes
    This room has been used by nobody for ages.
    The article was written yesterday by my mother.
    Is beef eaten by people in India?
    The chickens often are fed twice a day.
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