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    tiếng anh 8-unit-9,10

    (Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
    Nguồn: DDSS
    Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Minh
    Ngày gửi: 20h:38' 17-11-2009
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    Số lượt tải: 347
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    Học kì II
    Unit 9 : A First-Aid course
    Lesson 1 : Getting started & Listen and Read.
    Lesson 2: Speak + Listen
    Lesson 3 : Read
    Lesson 4 : Write
    Lesson 5 : Language Focus
    Tuần 19 :
    Period 55 : Unit 9 - A First-Aid course– Lesson 1 - Getting started & Listen and Read – Page 80 - 81.
    Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to grasp (revise) “simple future tense” ad read a dialogue about “A first-Aid course ”to understand main ideas and details.
    Materials : Magnified copies of pictures from the textbook, Posters, cassette recorder.
    Teacher’s and students’activities

    -T. explains how to do.
    -SS match the situations with the solutions.
    -T. gives feedback.
    I ) Warmer :
    -Matching. .Groupwork. Getting started / P. 80.
    A girl has a burn on her arm.
    A boy has a bad cut on her leg.
    A girl has a nose bleed.
    A boy has a bee sting.
    I’ll use a bandage(băng) to cover the cut.
    I’ll put medical oil on the sting.
    I’ll put cotton balls(cuộn bông) in her nose to stop the bleeding.
    I’ll use cold water to ease the pain.
    I’ll put medical oil on the burn.
    Answer key : 2.a 3.c 4.b
    -T. elicits.
    -SS guess.
    -T. models.
    -SS repeat chorally first, then individually.
    -T. puts the words on the board.
    -T. checks meaning and pronunciation.

    -T. gives an exchange.
    -T. introduces the new structure.

    -T. sets the scene.

    II )Presentation :
    .Pre teach.
    -Emergency (n) : Tình trạng khẩn cấp, cấp cứu. (Situation)
    -Ambulance (n) : Xe cứu thương. (Situation)
    -Conscious (adj) : Trong trạng thái tỉnh táo > -(to) cut one’s head : bị vỡ đầu. (Situation)
    -(to) bleed badly : chảy máu nhiều. (Situation)
    -(to) cover the wound : che vết thương. (Situation)
    (hold it tight : giữ chặt / fall asleep : ngủ thiếp đi)
    Ex : She will go to HCM city tomorrow.
    *Simple future :
    Form :
    Affirmative : S + will / shall + V
    Negative : S + won’t / shan’t + V
    Interrogative : Will / shall + S + V ?
    Usage : An action happens in the future.
    (tomorrow, next, tonight,…)
    *Will : making requests, offers, and promises.
    Ex : A : Will you hurry, please ?
    B : Ofcourse.
    *We have discussed the situations that need first-aid. Have you ever seen a situation that requires “ambulance” ? What should we do in that situation ? We are going to read a conversation about an emergency.
    * Open Prediction.
    What happens at Quang Trung school ?
    -SS read the dialogue and check their guesses.
    -T. gets SS to do the exercise individually.(SS compare with their partners).
    -T. presses the tape.
    -SS listen and read silently with book-open.
    -T. asks SS to practice the dialogue in open pairs.
    III ) Practice :
    -Selecting the topics covered in the dialogue.
    -Compare with your partners. Answer key :
    Describing the condition of the injured person.
    Asking for the address.
    Asking the condition of the injured person.

    Giving first-aid instructions.
    Arranging for an ambulance.
    *Now listen and read silently with book-open.
    *Practice the dialogue in pairs.
    2 / P.81.
    -SS work in groups of four. Discuss and give as many solutions as possible
    IV ) Production :
    -Discussion. / .Groupwork.
    -Situations of getting started / P.80.
    -T. says and writes “Homework” on C.B.
    -SS copy.
    V )Homework :
    -Learn vocabulary + Structures.
    -Make a new situation and give first-aid.
    -Do exercise 1-2 / P.55.
    -Prepare “Speak + Listen” / P. 81-82. (stretcher, crutch, wheelchair, scale, eye chart, paramedic)

    Period 56 : Unit 9 - A First-Aid course– Lesson 2 - Speak + Listen - Page 81- 82.
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