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Unit 12. Music

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Work in group. Put one word with one suitable picture.
said Sue price sip bus piece
z peas zip
zoo buzz prize
Put one word with one suitable picture
Monday, March 12th , 2007
Unit 12: Language Focus

I. Pronunciation: Sound /s/ and /z/

I. Pronunciation
Practice these sentences.

Susan loves classical music.
2. I like to listen to jazz records.
3. My aunt likes to watch the film “ The Sound of Music”.
4. But my cousin prefers going to concerts.
5. He’s won the first prize for singing folk songs.
6. I’d like a piece of bread and some peas, please.

Does Sue go to the zoo to see zebra
OR Does Sue go to the zoo for the zebra to see Sue?
tongue- twister
II. Grammar:
1. to+ infinitive
(1) What do you study hard for?
( pass the exam)
- I study hard to pass the exam.
- To pass the exam, I study hard.
(2) What are you learning English for?
( sing English song)
- I’m learning English to sing English songs.
- To sing English song, I’m learning English

Exercise 1: Use the words in brackets to answer the questions.

What do you listen to classical for? ( feel relaxed)
I listen to classical music to fell relaxed.
= To fell relaxed, I listen to classical music.

2. I’m saving money to buy a cassette player
3. She practices singing all day to win the singing contest
4. I’m learning French to sing French songs.
5. The monitor always goes to class on time to set good example for the class,
Exercise 1
2. a cassette player buy a cassette player
3. the singing contest win the singing contest
4. French songs sing French songs
5. a good example for set a good example for
1. What did you phone her for?( good news)
tell her good news
- I phoned her to tell her good news.
- To tell her good news, I phoned her.
* We use “ to+ infinitive” to denote purpose.

to + infinitive
= so as to + infinitive
= in order to + infinitive
I learn English to sing English songs.
so as to sing
in order to sing
1. My father didn’t have time ..............the newspaper.
2. I wish I had enough money ...............a new bike.
3. I went to the post office.............a letter.
4. He telephoned............... me to the party.
5. She’s going to Britain.................English.

to read
to buy
to post
to invite
to learn
read see post write
learn buy sing invite
2. Exercise 2: Choose the suitable verbs to fill in the blanks. Using “ to+ infinitive”.

- Phong often goes to school at 11.30.
What time does Phong go to school?
- Mrs Thu is our former teacher.
Who is your former teacher?
- I often listen to music whenever I have time.
When do you listen to music?

what time
WH- Question
2. Wh- Questions
When (What time)
1. If it rains, I’ll stay at home an watch T.V.
What will you do if it rain?
3. Exercise 3: Ask questions for the underlined words/ phrases in the following sentences.
1. What will you do if it rains?
2. What sort of music does your father enjoy listening to?
3.When did he leave for Ho Chi Minh City?
4. Who wants to talk to you?
5. How did you spend the evening last night?
6. When does the film start?
7.Who is your favorite musician?
8. Why do you like pop music?
1. If it rain, I will stay at home and watch T.V.
Home work
Practice pronunciation: sound /s/ and /z/
Do Ex. 1 again using“ so as to+ infinitive” and in order to+ infinitive”.
- Prepare Unit 3: Film and Cinema( Reading)

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