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Unit 3. A party

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A. Wedding
B. Valentine’s day
c. Birthday
D. Christmas
Today we’re going to study how American people celebrate the parties.
Lesson 1
2. What is the relationship between the people in the pictures?
1. What parties are they holding?
a birthday party
a wedding anniversary party
 They are members in a family.
blow out (v): [ bloʊ aʊt ]
He is blowing out the candles
- To celebrate (v)
Ex: My mom is celebrating her 55th birthday in Nha Trang.
Celebration (n)
Wedding anniversary (n)
medal (n)
made of gold
special, wonderful
Golden anniversary
Diamond anniversary
Ruby anniversary
Silver anniversary
40 years
Milestone (n) a very important stage or event in the development of sth
- Getting over the entrance exam marks the milestone in my career path.
- The wedding marked the milestone
of my life.
Checking vocabulary
+ (to) blow out
+ (to) joke
+ anniversary
+ milestone
+ (to) mark
nói đùa
đánh dấu
lễ kỉ niệm
sự kiện quan trọng
Rub out and remember
+ (to) celebrate
làm lễ kỉ niệm
Task 1: Decide which of the activities below takes place at a birth party or at a wedding anniversary party or both.

Task 2: In each of the following sentences, there is ONE word which is not true according to the reading passage. Underline the wrong word and provide the correct one.
1. Lisa’s family and her friends are at her eighth birthday party.
2. Everyone makes cake and ice cream at the birthday party.
3. Lisa opens birthday cards and foods from her family and friends.
4.Many Americans over the age of 30 don’t like to talk about their anniversaries.
5. Fifty months ago, Rosa and Luis got married.
6. People call the 5th wedding anniversary the “Golden anniversary”.
7. Rose and Luis are happy to be together for their silver anniversary.

* Keys:
1. eighth →
2. makes →
3. food →
4. anniversaries →
5. months →
6. 5th →
7. silver →

Lucky number
Task 3:
What do her family and friends give Lisa ?
 They give her toys & clothes
(Line 6 & 7, paragraph 2, part A)
Answer the question
When did Rosa and Luis get married ?
 50 years ago
Answer the question
(Line 2, paragraph 1, part B)
People call the 25th anniversary…………….
a. golden anniversary b. silver anniversary
Choose a correct answer

In USA they celebrate wedding anniversary at…
(Line 3, paragraph 2, part B)

a. At home or
at restaurant
b. At a restaurant
1. People call the 5th wedding anniversary the “Golden anniversary”.
Correct a mistake
 50th
(Line 2, paragraph 3, part B)
What do some people joke every year ?
I am 29 years old to day
(Line 4, paragraph 3, part A)
Lucky number!

Task 3: Decide which of the following activities takes place in America or in Viet Nam
Free questions
1. What party is it?
2. Do you like it?
a birthday party
Where is the party celebrated at?
Where do you prefer to celebrate your birthday party ,at home or in the restaurant? Why?
Rearrange the following celebrations in the right order:
A.Golden anniversary
B.Diamond anniversary
C.Ruby anniversary
D.Silver anniversary
D – C – A - B
Put these words or phrases in to two columns below and then use them to talk about your choice:
quiet, cheap, have to prepare, comfortable, noisy, expensive, romantic, uncomfortable
Example: I prefer to celebrate my birthday at home because it is quieter than in the restaurant
A: What is your birthday?
B: …………….
A: Do you often celebrate a birthday party?
B: ……….
A: What do you get for the party?
B: …………….
A: What do people give you?- B: …………
A: Do you prefer to celebrate party at home or at restaurant ?
B: …………….
A: Do you enjoy celebrating wedding anniversary in the future? Why?
Make an interview
Talk about one of your birthday parties .
Suggested questions
1. When is your birthday?
2. Do you often celebrate your birthday at home or in the restaurant?
3. Who do you often invite to your birthday party?
4. Do you receive a lot of birthday cards, flowers and gifts?
5. Which activities do you often hold at the party?
6. How do you feel during your birthday party?
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