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Unit 1. A visit from a pen pal

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Ngày gửi: 22h:00' 17-09-2021
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to our class !
6. Write.
* Chatting :
Have you ever visited any other places in Viet Nam ?
When did you go ?
How did you get there ?
Did you visit any places of interest ?
Did you buy anything ?
When you are away from home, do you keep in touch ? How ?
* Imagine you are visiting your relatives or friends in another part of Viet Nam or a different country.
Where are you now ?
How did you get there ?
Who did you meet ?
What have you done ?
What places have you visited ?
Who have you met ?
What kinds of food have you tried ?
Did you buy souvenirs ?
How do you feel now ?
When are you returning home ?
* Outline :

First Paragraph :
- Say when you arrived and who met you at the bus stop/train station/airport

Second paragraph :
- Talk about:
. what you`ve done
. places you`ve visited
. people you`ve met
. food you`ve tried
. things you`ve bought

Third paragraph :
- Tell how you feel (happy/disappointed...)
- Say what interests you most (people / places / activities ...)
- Mention when you return home
* Note : The format of a personal letter.
Heading : Writer`s address and date.
Opening : Dear ...,
Body of the letter
Closing : Your friend / Regard / Love
* Suggested ideas :
First paragraph :

I arrived at Da Nang train station late in the afternoon on Thursday. Uncle Tam met me at the train station, then he took me home by his motorbike.
Second paragraph :
On the first day, I visited our relatives, on the next three days, I`ve visited many places like the beaches, the Ba Na Hill, Ngu Hanh Son Mountains, supermarkets and the water park. I`ve tried different foods: seafood, Da Nang specialties. Today I feel tired, so I stay at home and write to you. I`ll visit Hoi An ancient town and My Son tomorrow.
Third paragraph :

I feel so happy and enjoy myself so much. People here are so nice and friendly, the foods are so delicious, and the sights are so beautiful. I`ll leave Da Nang at 7 am this Saturday and I`ll arrive home at 9 am on Sunday. Please pick me up at the train station at that time.
* Homework :
Write the letter into your notebook.

Prepare for the next period: Language focus.

Do the exercise 8, page 11 in your workbook.
Good bye!
Thank you
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