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Unit 9. Cities of the future. Lesson 2. Language

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Welcome to our class today.
CROSSWORD: Match the letters in the same lines or the same columns to make the meaningful words about the topic “Cities of the future” (9 words). Then, form a proper noun from the first letters of those words. It is the name of a city.
Unit 9: Cities of the future

Unit 9: Cities of the future
Infrastructure /ˈɪnfrəstrʌktʃə(r)/ (n): cơ sở hạ tầng
Upgrade /ˈʌpɡreɪd/(v):   nâng cấp
Overcrowded /ˌəʊvəˈkraʊdɪd/(adj): chật ních, đông nghẹt
Inhabitant /ɪnˈhæbɪtənt/ (n): cư dân, người cư trú
Well - being /ˌwelˈbiːɪŋ/ (n): tình trạng hạnh phúc, phúc lợi
Urban /ˈɜːbən/(adj): thuộc về đô thị # rural
1. Write the words or phrases given in the box next to their meanings
quality of life
2. Match a word in column A with a word or phrase in column B
1. The main goal of __________ planning is providing a healthier environment for people in the city.
2. The government needs to solve the pollution problems to make the city _______________
3. The country’s _______________ is the poor condition and needs to be upgraded.
4. Pollution and heavy traffic are common problems in ___________ cities.
5. The original _______________ of this island lived a very simple life.
6. The most common _______________ sources of energy are the wind and sun.
7. Many researchers claim that yoga practice and physical activities can improve people’s_____________
8. Famers should use __________ methods to produce clean and healthy food.

3. Complete the sentences with the right form of the words or phrases in 1.

quality of life
Question Tags
- We use falling intonation on question tags when we already know the answer. The tag is not a real question.
- We use rising intonation when we really want to know something and are not sure of the answer. The tag is a real question.
1. A: What a boring lecture!
B: Yes. It was dull, wasn’t it?
2. A: Please turn down the volume. It’s too loud.
B: You don’t like rock music, do you?
3. A: I don’t have any plans for tonight.
B: Let’s go to the cinema, shall we?
4. A: I believe people will have a better life in the future.
B: Yes, I agree. Life will be more enjoyable than
it is today, won’t it?
5. A: Where can I put these flowers?
B: Put them near the window, will you?

Listen and decide whether the question tags in B’s responses have a rising or falling intonation. Mark ↗ (rising intonation) or ↘ (falling intonation) after the question tags.
Question tags:
Use: Question tags are short addition to statements. They are used to ask for agreement or to check whether something is true.
Form: S + V/ Vs/es/ V2/ed …., do/ does/ did +not + S (đại từ)?
Example: It is a group presentation, isn’t it?
Rules: Câu khẳng định, phủ định
Câu phủ định, khẳng định
S + tobe …., tobe + not + S (đại từ)?
S + has/ have/ had + V3/ed …., has/ have/ had + not + S (đại từ)?
*Note: special cases
1. Match the question tags with the statements to make complete sentences. 
a. aren’t they?
8. Everybody likes beauty, ____
7. Don’t stay up late at night,_____
6. I think everyone’s going to be there,_____
5. I am wrong, _____
4. You have never been to Europe, __
3. He hardly has anything nowadays,_______
2. No one died in the accident,_
1. These books aren’t yours, ______
b. will you?
c. are they?
d. have you?
e. don’t they?
f. does he?
g. aren’t I?
h. did they?
2. Complete the sentences with the correct question tags.
There aren’t any shops or restaurants in this street, _______?
2. I think nobody likes to live in a polluted city, ___________?
3. Let’s start our discussion on global warming, _________?
4. You’ve never got stuck in a traffic jam, ________________?
5. Stop playing this computer game and do your homework, __________________?
6. I think these are your papers, ___________________?
7. This is what we need for our new house, _______________?
8. Jane has got no problems at work,_________________?
are there
do they
shall we
have you
won’t/ would you
aren’t they
isn’t it
has she
Conditional sentences
Eg: If someone phones, please ask them to leave their message, name and number.
If it is sunny, I will go fishing.
If I had taken his advice, I would be rich now.
Note: Unless = If .. not
a. She will be angry if you (not/ tell) the truth.
b. The Millers (move) to the seaside if they had had children.
c. If they were rich, they (stay) at a hotel.
d. If I (go) to your party last night, I (be) very tired now.
e. If you (need) help, don’t hesitate to ask.
f. I would have been glad if he (visit) me in hospital.
g. If they take their medicine, they (feel) better.
h. There would be less conflict in the world if all people (speak) the same language. to the gym.
3. Put the verbs in the bracket into the correct form
don’t tell
had moved
would/ could stay
had gone
would be
had visited
1. If John ………to go on the trip, would you have gone?
A. doesn’t agree B. didn’t agree C. hadn’t agreed D. wouldn’t agree
2. I wouldn’t go there at night if I …………you.
A. am B. was C. were D. B and C are correct
3. She can’t get home ………….. she has no money.
A. unless B. if C. until D. without
4. If they had enough time, they ……….head south.
A. will B. can C. must D. might
5. If you ………to be chosen for the job, you’ll have to be experienced in the field.
A. want B. wanted C. had wanted D. wants
6. If the doctor had arrived sooner, the boy …………..
A. might be saved B. have been saved
C. was saved D. might have been saved
4. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for the following sentences.
7. If you ……….. a choice, which country would you visit?
A. have B. had C. have had D. will have
8. If you hadn’t watched that late movie last night, you ……….. sleepy now.
A. wouldn’t have been B. wouldn’t be
C. might have not been D. wouldn’t have been being
9. The patient could not recover unless he ……….. an operation.
A. had undergone B. would undergo C. underwent D. was undergoing
10. I would go swimming if the weather ………better.
A. is B. will be C. would be D. were
11. If it ……convenient, let’s go out for a drink tonight.
A. be B. is C. was D. were
12. If you multiply 1 by 0, you ……….. 0.
A. will get B. would get C. get D. would have got
4. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for the following sentences.
5. Combine the sentences or rewrite them to make conditional sentences. Decide whether to use type 0 or 1.
1. If the baby is crying, he may be hungry. (Type 1)
2. If you travel on a budget flight, you have to pay for your drink and food. (type 0)
3. If the weather is fine, I walk to work instead of driving. / I walk ... if the weather is fine. (Type 0)
4. If people start using more solar energy, there will be less pollution.(Type 1)
5. If they have no homework, they usually play soccer. (Type 0)
6. If you travel by train, it takes five hours to get to Nha Trang.(Type 0)
7. If the government reduces / manages to reduce the use of fossil fuels, our city will become a more liveable place. (Type 1)
1. The baby is crying. He may be hungry.
2. You travel on a budget flight, so you have to pay for your drink and food.
3. Whether the weather is fine, I walk to work instead of driving.
4. People start using more solar energy. There will be less pollution.
5. They have no homework. They usually play soccer.
6. You travel by train. It takes five hours to get to Nha Trang.
7. The government reduces / manages to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Our city will become a more liveable place.
6. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Pick out the wrong ones and correct the mistakes.
1. Plants would die if they don’t get enough water.
2. Everything’s been prepared for the project, isn’t it?
3. If you see a fire, call the fire department immediately.
4. Your brother would never had gone out with his friends if he hadn’t finished his homework.
5. I believe no one can solve the pollution problem, don’t I?
6. There’s been a new plan to treat wastewater in the city, hasn’t there?
7. If you mixed red and green, you would get yellow.
8. These are devices to detect any heating problems, aren’t these?
- Learn vocabulary, question tags and conditional sentences.
- Do exercises in textbook again.
- Prepare for next lesson
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