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Unit 9. Cities of the future. Lesson 6. Writing

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Welcome to our class !
1. Why did Tanaka write this email?
 To answer Hung`s question about Tokyo in the future.
2. Why does Tanaka think Tokyo will be a more liveable city?

 Because the government will use advanced technology to deal with the transport problem and make people`s life easier and more comfortable.

3. What makes Tokyo an unsafe place to live in according to Tanaka?

 Tokyo is threatened by nuclear and radiation accidents and natural disasters (earthquakes and tsunamis.)

4. What does Tanaka want to know?
 Tanaka wants to know Hung`s viewpoint on Viet Nam`s capital city in the future.
1. Email header
To (Recipient)
Người nhận

Tiêu đề thư
2. Email body
Sender`s predictions and explanations
(Dự đoán và giải thích của người gửi)
Salutation (Chào hỏi)
Reason for writing
(Lí do viết thư)
Closing (Kết thư)
Sender`s name (Tên của người gửi)
Reply to Tanaka’s email, making predictions about Viet Nam’s capital city in the future.
(about 160 words)
Dear …
I received your email last week, in which you asked me about my city Ha Noi in 2050. There are different ideas about this question. I thought about it a lot, and now I can give you two predictions.
Let`s take an optimistic viewpoint. In 2050 Ha Noi will become a more liveable city for lots of reasons. The city authorities have made a very careful plan to promote advanced technology to make greener motorbikes to deal with air pollution. In addition, the city dwellers are encouraged to use public transport system to reduce traffic jam. The government will also grow more trees and encourage people to use solar panels.
On the other hand, pessimistic people think that city life won`t be a safe place to live in because the government cannot control the use of private cars. People`s lives will also continue to be threatened because of pollution such as air pollution, noise pollution. The effects of global warming have great impacts on the city dwellers.
That`s all about my answer to your question. I hope you will be satisfied with it, Peter.
Best wishes,
To: ….
Viet Nam of the future
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