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Unit 09. Cities of the world. Lesson 7. Looking back & project

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Người gửi: Lê Viết Phú
Ngày gửi: 15h:39' 19-02-2017
Dung lượng: 28.7 MB
Số lượt tải: 1468
By: Le Viet Phu
Sunday, February 19, 2017
Warm up:
Name the capital city
We have been working on cities of the world for the past few weeks. So now, let’s see how many capital cities you have known.
I’ll divide you into two groups. I’ll name some countries, you’ll tell me what the capital cities are.
Which group has more correct answers is the winner.

Washington D.C
Mexico city



(Krung Thep)
Phnom Penh

Rio de Janeiro

New Delhi
Group A got ______ marks.
Group A got ______ marks.

Group ______ is the winner.
Looking back & project
Budapest - Hungary
1. Choose the best two options.
1. The city is ___________.
a. exciting b. amazing c. long
2. The weather is ___________.
a. cold b. quiet c. sunny
3. The people are ___________.
a. friendly b. polluted c. nice
4. The buildings are ___________.
a. tall b. beautiful c. fast
5. The food is ___________.
a. noisy b. delicious c. good
S (I / we / you / they) + have
S (he / she / it) + has
Have not = haven’t / Has not = hasn’t
PP = Past participle (V-ed / III)
2. Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect.
Nhung: _____ you ever ( ______ a Philadelphia cheese steak?
Nora: Yes, I have.
Nhung: Really?______ you ( ______ to Philadelphia?
Nora: Yes, I ( _________ there twice. I ( _________ to many famous places in the city.
Nhung: ______ you (5.visit) ______the Constitution Centre?
Nora: No, I haven’t, but I (6.see) _________ the
Liberty Bell. Look at this postcard.
have been
have been
have seen
3. In pairs, complete this fact sheet about
Viet Nam.
• Biggest city: Ho Chi Minh City
• Oldest university: __________________________
• Most popular Vietnamese writer: ________________
• Most popular food: _________________________
• Most popular drink: _________________________
• Most common activity: ________________________
Quoc Tu Giam, Ha Noi (1076)
Nguyen Du, HCM
spring rolls, noodles (pho), bread
tea, coffee, fruit juice
watching TV, singing karaoke, playing football
4. Using the information from your fact sheet, write a short paragraph (7 - 8 sentences) about Viet Nam.
I am Duong and I come from Vietnam. Do you know Vietnam? It`s an s-shaped country in Asia. There are many big cities in the country but Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest one. Have you ever visited Quoc Tu Giam? It`s the oldest university in my country and it`s located in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam. In term of culture, Nguyen Du and Ho Chi Minh are the most famous writers. Our country also has many types of food and drink. Noodles, spring rolls and bread are the most popular food while tea, coffee and fruit juice are the most common drinks. We like watching TV and singing karaoke very much. Ah, we like playing football, too. Football is more popular than any other sports in our country.
Model writing
Game: Yes I have
In pairs, ask a Have you ever... question. You may use the questions from the Class Survey in A closer look 2, page 30, to help you. Then ask three wh- questions to get more information from your partner and guess if he/she is telling the truth or not.
A: Have you ever been on TV?
B: Yes.
A: When was that?
B: Last year.
A: Which programme were you in?
B: Erm … the Evening News.
A: Why were you there?
B: I don’t remember!
He may not tell the truth.
Model Game.
A: Have you ever visited Ho Chi Minh city?
B: Yes, I have.
A: When did you visit it?
B: Last year.
A: Who did you travel with?
B: I travelled with my family.
A: What do you remember most in Ho Chi Minh City?
B: It`s a very modem city and there are so many skyscrapers there.
He is telling the truth.

My 5-DayJourney Around the World!
• Choose five cities in the world that you want to visit.
• Find five interesting facts about each city.
• Design a poster. Make sure to include the facts about the cities and some pictures!
Rome city
The first city that I want to visit is Rome, the capital of Italy. It is known as the "Eternal city”. The population of the city of Rome is around 3.7 million. The historic centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With wonderful palaces, old churches, grand romantic ruins, monuments, statues and graceful fountains, Rome has become one of the most visited, famous, influential and beautiful capitals in Europe and in the world.
Rio de Janeiro
The second city that I want to visit is Rio de Janeiro – the capital of Brazil. It is the most popular tourist destination. It is regarded as the Marvelous city where there is sparkling waters, beautiful beaches, hospitable people, historic neighborhoods and museums, its Samba dance, its colourful Carnival and a thriving nightlife. All of these give this city its reputation as one of the most striking in the world.
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
The third city that I want to visit is Dubai. With over 1300 km of coastline to the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a real resort country. In Dubai, everything is the biggest and the best. Here you`ll find the world`s tallest building, the largest man-made islands (palm-tree island), the richest horse race, the biggest shopping festival, the most massive mall, and the most luxurious hotel.
San José – Costa Rica
The fourth city that I want to visit is San José.
It is the capital of Costa Rica. With population of 287,535, San José is the economic, political, and social center of Costa Rica. San José is a modern city, with parks and fine public buildings. It has a mixture of Spanish and North American architecture, with many houses set back to have lawns and gardens fronting the street. San José is a stop for international airlines, the hub of the highway system, and the center of the Pacific and Caribbean railroads. It also has several universities.
The fifth city that I would like to visit is Singapore.
Singapore is both a city and a country in Southeast Asia. It is also known as Lion City. It was founded as a British Colony in 1918 and it had been developed into one of the world’s busiest port today. You may find lots of modern skyscrapers everywhere. There are many great parks, shopping centers, combining with great taste food, exciting nightlife, first-class airport and connections to the rest of the world. This Lion City is really a great stopover.
This is my 5-day journey around the world.
That’s all
Yes, through the lesson we can now pronounce correctly the sounds /əu/ and /ɑi/; use the vocabulary and structures to describe cities and landmarks; use the present perfect to talk about experiences; guess the meaning of the words based on clues, including pictures and surrounding words; read for specific and general information in texts, including postcards; listen for specific details including facts and figures; and write a holiday postcard.
Please tell me what you have learnt today.
- Review all the vocabulary from the unit.
- Review all the grammar structures.
- Do the project and present it to the class next period.
- Prepare for Unit 10:
See you again!
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