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Unit 2. City life. Lesson 3. A closer look 2

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Lesson plan for English 9
Period 11: A closer look 2
Comparison of equality:

S + V + as + adj/adv + as + N/pronoun

S + V + adj/adv + er + than + N/pronoun
S + V + more + adj/adv + than + N/pronoun

S + V + the + adj/adv + est + N/pronoun
S + V + the most + adj/adv + N/pronoun.
Comparison of adjectives and adverbs: review
1. Match the beginnings to the correct endings.
The Present Perfect
(+) I have been to Nha Trang twice.
(- ) He hasn’t been to Nha Trang.
He has never been to Nha Trang.
(?) Have you ever been to Nha Trang?
You can use much, a lot, a bit and a little with the comparative forms of adjectives to show how big the differences are.
A DVD is much better than a video for watching films.
With the superlative forms of the adjectives you can use second, third, etc.
Karachi in Pakistan is the second largest city in the world in population.
You can use by far to emphasise superlatives.
China is by far the most populated country in the world.
2. Complete the text with the most suitable form of the adjectives in brackets. Add the where necessary.
London is one of (1. large) ___________ cities in the world.
Its population is a lot (2. small) ___________ than Tokyo or
Shanghai, but it is by far (3. popular) _______________ tourist destination. London is probably most famous for its museums, galleries, palaces, and other sights, but it also includes a (4. wide) _________range of peoples, cultures, and religions than many other places.
People used to say that it was (5. dirty) ____________ city
too, but it is now much (6. clean) ___________ than it was.
To the surprise of many people, it now has some of
(7. good) _____________ restaurants in Europe too. For some people, this makes London (8. exciting) __________ city in Europe.
the largest
the most popular
the dirtiest
the best
the most exciting
Review: Match the phrasal verbs in A with their meaning in B.
The Present Perfect
(+) I have been to Nha Trang twice.
(- ) He hasn’t been to Nha Trang.
He has never been to Nha Trang.
(?) Have you ever been to Nha Trang?
In addition to learning the meanings of phrasal verbs, we need to know whether the verb and the particle(s) have to stay together or they can be separated.
In these phrasal verbs, the parts can never be separated: set off, look forward to, put up with…
In these phrasal verbs, the parts can be separated: the object of the verb can come between the verb and the particle: put sth on, turn sth/sb down…
3. Look at the conversation in GETTING STARTED
again. Find and underline the phrasal verbs.
4. Underline the correct particle to complete each phrasal verb.
1. The city has recently set up/off/out a library in the West Suburb.
2. I don`t think Fred gets over/through/on with Daniel. They always argue.
3. You should take your hat in/over/off in the cinema.
4. Their children have all grown up/out/out of and left home for the city to work.
5. We were shown up/off/around the town by a volunteer student.
6. The town council decided to pull up/over/down the building, as it was unsafe.
5. Underline the phrasal verbs in the sentences, and match them to their meaning .
1. You don`t need the light on in here. Turn it off, please.
2. They offered him a place at the company but he turned it down.
3. The doctor wanted to go over the test results with her patient.
4. Once you`ve finished cleaning, you can go on with your work.
5. When you come inside you should take off your coat and hat.
6. The local meeting is on Oct. 15th. Put it down in your diary.
remove examine press the switch
refuse make a note continue doing
press the switch
continue doing
make a note
6. Read the text and find eight phrasal verbs. Match each of them with a definition from the box.
For her first evening`s work at the bar, Sarah dressed up. She wore a black skirt and white blouse, as she had been told to look smart. However, when she turned up, she found out that the manager had been less than honest with her about the job. She had to serve the customers and also work in the kitchen. Still, she decided to go on working at the bar for the time being. After all, she was getting on well in the job. Three months later, she saw an advertisement in the paper for a sales assistant at a department store. She thought it over carefully, and decided to apply for it. `But I won`t tell anyone until I`ve got the new job!` she thought. The prospect of doing something different cheered her up considerably.
consider ask for (a job) arrive put on smart clothes
discover make progress continue make someone feel happier
- Review comparison of adj and adv
- Redo act 5,6 in your notebook
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