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Unit 10. Communication. Lesson 5. Skills 1

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Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Người gửi: ngô thị ái nhi
Ngày gửi: 20h:19' 24-03-2019
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Subject: English 8
:1. “What can we do to avoid communication breakdown?’
2. What do you think of communication in the future?
Period 88 - Lesson 5: Skills 1 (P.44)
I. Reading:
Wednesday, March 13th , 2019
Period 88 - Lesson 5: Skills 1 (P. 44)
Linh is student of Dich Vong B Primary School, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
Anders is student of Hedlunda Primary School, Ume&, Sweden.
The distance from Viet Nam to Sweden is 8630 km
They are penfriend.
They send letters to each other.

1.Look at the letters the children from VietNam and Sweden sent to each other in a penfriend project. Why do you think they chose this way to communicate with each other?
Example: They choose the ways to send letters because it can make the receiver feel more sincere.
Some the reasons for choose to write a letters to communicate.
 + Reading and writing skills improve as students practice their writing skills and organize their thoughts onto paper.
   + The pen pal develops compassion and understanding of other cultures and values.
   + The pen pal promotes many life skills, including development of social skills.
   + Letter writing promotes patience; delayed gratification!
   + Writing to a pen pal develops a child`s curiosity.
About fifty students in two schools in Ha Noi, Viet Nam and Umea, Sweden have been exchanging letters in a penfriend project since 2013. ‘I love to write. You can even stick something on the letter, like this tiny sweet!’ said Linh, from Ha Noi about the project. From the Sweden end, Anders said, ‘It’s so nice to open and read real letters!’ But will this be our future communication? It’s said that in a couple of decades we’ll be using telepathy and holography.
Telepathy uses a tiny device placed into our head. Information will be sent and received directly to and from our brains. We’ll be communicating just by thought over the network! Holography, a video-conference technology with three-dimensional images, will help us interact in real time in completely different places.
Impressed? Maybe, but not everyone thinks the cyberworld will replace the real world. Like the children in the penfriend project, I prefer to chat with my friends over a cup of tea and enjoy their company - life is more meaningful that way!
a. Look at the highlighted words and match them with their meanings
In the real time.
Three- dimensional.
What do the students like about the penfriend project?
They love to write and read real letters. They like to send sweets the letter as well.
2. What are the two ways of future communication mentioned in the text? Explain how they work.
They are telepathy and holography.
+Telepathy uses a tiny device in our head to communicate by throught over the network.
+holography gives three-dimensional images and we will be able to interact in the real time in completely different places.
3. Do you think the writer is happy with this future of communication? How do you know?
- She prefers to use real, face – to face communication because She thinks this makes life more interesting.
b. Answer the questions.
Ways of communication now
Meeting face- to face
Using signs
Using music
Painting a picture
I. Reading:
Period 88 - Lesson 5: Skills 1 (P. 44)
II. Speaking:
1. In small groups, decide whether you agree with the author of this text. Why/why not? Share your ideas with the class.
Example: I disagree with the author of this text. Because, using the telepathy and holography are simple and fast than using the traditional communications as using face- to face, letters...
I agree with the author of this text, because, when we use telepathy and holography, you can:
   + say something to someone who is no longer a part of your life.
   + apologize to someone who is no longer in your life for a misunderstanding or a hurt that you caused.
   + pave the way for better interaction with someone you don`t get along with. Call a truce telepathically and see how the tension in the relationship eases.
   + let someone know how you feel about them if you`ve been unable to convey this information face to face.
   + forgive someone who has hurt you cutting the cords of anger or disappointment that bind you.

* Suggestions.

2. Class survey. What ways of communication do you use for the following purposes now and what will they be in the year 2030?
I. Reading:
Period 88 - Lesson 5: Skills 1 (P. 44)
II. Speaking:
III. Homework:
- Learn by heart all the vocabulary.
- Do Ex C3, D1,2,3 (workbook).
- Prepare the new lesson: Unit 10: Lesson 6: Skills 2.
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