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Unit 03. Community Service. Lesson 3. A closer look 2

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Ngày gửi: 21h:08' 01-10-2015
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Unit 3:
Community Service

lesson 3: a closer look 2
I. Grammar: past simple and present perfect
Listen again to part of the conversation. Underlined the past simple or the present perfect.
The past form describes a single, completed action at a particular time in the past.
Yuki lived in Tokyo for ten years. (she doesn’t live there now.)
I met my friend Jack six years ago. (My sister introduced us. )
Roger arrived at 11:00. (He appeared at the office at a specific time. )
The present perfect can describe an action that began in the past but continues into the present.
Yuki has lived in San Francisco for three months. (she left Tokyo three months ago. She came to San Francisco to live, and she lives there now.)
I have known my friend Jack for six years. (I met him in the past, and I continue to know him and have him as a friend. )
Roger has been here for two hours. (He arrived at the office at 11:00. It is now 1:00, and he is still here. )

Activity 2 (pg. 30) past simple or present perfect? Put the verb in brackets into the correct form.
They (clean) the beach one week ago.
They (collect) hundreds of books so far.
I (collect) stamps when I was a child.
She (fly) to Da Nang many times but last year she (go) there by train.
You ever (see) a real lion? No, but I (see) a real elephant when we went to the zoo last month.
Have collected
Has flown; went
Have you ever seen; saw
2. Activity 3 (pg. 30) Choose the best answer.
3. Activity 4 (pg. 30) with a partner, write sentences about yourself in the past simple and the present perfect. Use the words from the box below.
4. Activity 3 (pg. 30)
In pairs, student A looks at the fact sheet below and student B looks at the fact sheet on page 33. Each student asks and answer questions about the fact sheet to complete the information
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