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Unit 03. Community Service. Lesson 3. A closer look 2

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Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Người gửi: Chu Minh Anh
Ngày gửi: 14h:28' 16-10-2016
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Period 18: Unit 3: Community Service
Lesson 3: A closer look 2
I, Grammar
1, Past simple
2, Present perfect
(+) S+ Ved / C2 …
(-) S+ didn’t +V…
(?) Did +S +V … ?
-> Yes, S +did.
No , S+ didn’t.
Wh + did +S +V… ?
(+) S + have / has + PII /Ved…
(-) S+haven’t/hasn’t + PII/Ved
(?) Have/has +S +PII/Ved…?
-> Yes, S +have/has.
No, S +haven’t/hasn’t.
Wh+ have/has +S +PII/Ved…?
II, Practice
Ex1: a) Listen again to part of the conversation. Underline the past simple or the present perfect.
Reporter: Have you ever done volunteer work?
Mai: Yes. I’m a member of Be a Buddy- a programme that helps street children. Last year we provided evening classes for fifty children.
Reporter: Wonderful! What else have you done?
Mai: We’ve asked people to donate books and clothes to the children.
b, When do we use the past simple? When do we use the present perfect? Can you think of the rules?

Past simple:
Eg: Last year, we provided evening classes for fifty children.
-> We use the past simple for an action that started and finished in the past.
Present perfect:
Eg: We have asked people to donate books and clothes to the children.
-> We use the present perfect for an action that happened some time before now. The exact time is not important.
Adverbs: yesterday, last month/ year…, t/gian+ ago… of the past simple.
Adverbs: ever, never, so far, once, …times, before, since, just, … of the present perfect.
Ex2: Past simple or present perfect? Put the verb in brackets into the correct form.

1, They (clean) the beach one week ago.
2, They (collect) hundreds of books so far.
3, I (collect) stamps when I was a child.
4, She (fly) to Da Nang many times but last year she (go) there by train.
5,You ever (see) a real lion? No, but I (see) a real elephant when we went to the zoo last month.
* Answers:
1, cleaned
2, have collected
3, collected
4, has flown/ went
5, Has…seen/ saw
Ex3: Choose the best answer :

1, ………. your homework yet?
a, Are you doing
b, have you done
c, Do you do
2, Yes, I………….it already.
a, am doing
b, have done
c, do
3, Dickens ……a lot of novels.
a, has written
b, writes
c, wrote
4, Her mother……three books.
She is going to start the fourth one soon.
a, has written
b, writes
c, wrote
5, I think I…….him before.
a, meet
b, met
c, have met
6, Oh, yes! Now I remember .
I …..him when I was in Hoi An. He was our guide.
a, meet b, met c, have met
Answers: 1,2, 6: b | 3,5: c | 4:a
Ex4: With a partner, write sentences about yourself in the past simple and the present perfect. Use the words from the box below
Last December
Five years ago
When I was a child
Three times
Last spring
one hour ago
So far
In 2011
Ex5 : In pairs, student A and student B looks at the fact sheet below. Each student asks and answer questions about the fact sheet to complete the information.
Be a Buddy
2011:What happened in 2011?
2012: Be a Buddy started A Helping Hand programme for street children.
Activities so far
1, Collecting books and clothes for street children.
2, What did be a Buddy do in 2012?
Go Green
2011:Go Green was established
2012:What happened in 2012?

Activities so far
1,What did Go Green do?
2, Cleaning up streets and lakes. Planting flowers and trees.
Student A
Student B
Be a Buddy
2011: Be a Buddy was established
2012: What happened in 2012?

Activities so far
1, What did Be a Buddy do?
2, Making toys for children in need
Go Green
2011: What happened in 2011?
2012: Go Green started a clean- up project on every first Sunday
Activities so far
1, Helping people to recycle rubbish
2, What did Go Green do?
III, Homework
Do exercises in exercise book & exercise notebook
Prepare communication
Learn again vocab
Thanks you teachers !
Goodbye !!

See You again!!
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