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Unit 9. English in the world. Lesson 3. A closer look 2

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Người gửi: Bùi Trung Sơn
Ngày gửi: 22h:40' 22-02-2019
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Warm up: Matching
Period 71:
Lesson 3: A closer look 2
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
A. Conditional sentence type 2: Review
I. Read and remember: Ex1a
If + S + Vpast., S + would + V
II. Write Yes or No: Ex1b-P35
1. If Tien had an IELTS certificate, he would get the job.
Does Tien have an IELTS certificate?
2. If our English teacher weren`t here, we wouldn`t know what to do.
Is the English teacher here now?
3. If we went to England this summer, we would have the chance to pick up a bit of English.
Is it possible that they will go to England this summer?

4. English would be easy to master if it didn`t have such a large vocabulary.
Is English easy to master?
5. If she used English more often, her English wouldn`t be so rusty.
Does she often use English?

1. I don`t feel confident at interviews because my English is not very good.
If my English

2. Minh doesn`t read many English books because she doesn`t have time.
If Minh
III. Rewrite the sentences: Ex2-P35
Peter has such a lot of English homework that he won`t go to the party.
?If Peter didn`t have such a lot of English homework, he would go to the party.
? If my English were good, I would feel confident at interviews.
? If Minhhad time, she would read many English books.
4. Mai is so good at the language because she has some friends who are native speakers of English.
If Mai didn`t have

5. We can`t offer you the job because you can`t speak English.
If you could speak
? If Mai didn`t have some friends who were native speakers of English, she wouldn`t be so good at the language
? If you could speakEnglish, we would offer you the job.
3. I think you should spend more time improving your pronunciation.
If I were
? If I were you, I would spend more time improving my pronunciation.
B. Relative clauses:
I. Read part of the conversation from GETTING STARTED: Ex3a-P35
Teacher:Question one: Is English the languagewhich is spoken as a first language by most people in the world?
II. When do we use relative clause? Can you think of any rules: Ex3b-P36
III. Circle the correct word. Sometimes more than one answer is possible: Ex4-P36
1. That`s the boy who / whom / that is bilingual in English and Vietnamese.
2. This is the room which / who / where we are having an English lesson this evening.
3. The girl who / whose / which father is my English teacher is reasonably good at English.
4. Do you remember the year where / when / that we started to learn English?
5. The teacher whom / which / who you met yesterday is fluent in both English and French.
6. That`s the reason where / when / why his English is a bit rusty.
IV. Write true sentences about yourself: Ex5-P36
I would like to:
. have a friend who......
. go to a country where.....
. buy a book which......
. meet a person whose......
. do something that......

V. Rewrite these sentences as one sentence using a relative clause: Ex6-P36
1. My friend plays the guitar. He has just released a CD.
My friend who/that plays the guitar has just released a CD.
2. Parts of the palace are open to the public. It is where the queen lives.
3. English has borrowed many words. They come from other languages.

Parts of the palace where/in which the queen lives are open to the public.
English has borrowed many words which/that come from other languages.
4. I moved to a new school. English is taught by native teachers there.
5. I don`t like English. There are several reasons for that.
6. The new girl in our class is reasonably good at English. Her name is Mi.
I moved to a new school where/in which English is taught by native teachers.
There are several reasons why I don`t like English
The new girl in our class, whose name is Mi, is reasonably good at English.
C. Homework:
Learn by heart the structures
Practice with the structures
Do ex in workbook
Prepare: Communication
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