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Unit 1. Family Life. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Ngày gửi: 09h:16' 22-08-2018
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Lesson 1 :
What is each person in the picture doing?

II. New words
1. ask sbd out:
2.prepare sth(v) for sth
Do housework/ help sbd with the housework/
4. Share sth with sbd(phr)
5. Household duties/chores( n.phr)
6. Divide / split sth(v)
7. grocery(n)
8. Do the washing-up

9. do heavy lifting the laundry
11 do the ironing
12 .take out the garbage/ rubbish
14. be responsible for
15. finance(n)
16. breadwinner(n)
II.New words
III. Listen and read then do the tasks that follow
Nam: Hello?
Mr Long: Hello, Nam? This is Uncle Long. Is your dad there? I’d like to ask him out for a game of tennis.
Nam: Well, I’m afraid he can’t go out with you now. He’s preparing dinner.
Mr Long: Is he? Where’s your mum? Doesn’t she cook?
Nam: Oh, yes. My mum usually does the cooking, but she’s working late today.
Mr Long: How about your sister and you? Do you help with the housework?
Nam: Yes, we do. In my family, everybody shares the household duties. Today my sister can’t help with the cooking. She’s studying for exams.
Mr Long: I see. So how do you divide household chores in your family?
Nam: Well, both my parents work, so we split the chores equally - my mother cooks and shops for groceries, my father cleans the house and does the heavy lifting, my sister does all the laundry, and I do the washing- up and take out the rubbish.
Mr Long: Really? It’s different in my family. My wife handles most of the chores around the house and I’m responsible for the household finances. She’s the homemaker and I’m the breadwinner. Anyway, I have to go now. Tell your dad I called. Bye.
Nam: Oh yes, I will. Bye, Uncle Long.
Task 1: Work in pairs. Decide whether the following are true (T), false (F), or not given (NG) and tick the correct box
Task 2 :Listen and repeat the words or phrases.

rubbish washing-up laundry
household finances groceries
household chores heavy lifting
divide/ split/ handle
Take out/
Shop for
Be responsible for
How does each person in your family share the housework?
Review the lesson again
Learn by heart new words
Talk about your family’s sharing housework.
Prepare next lesson
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