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Unit 5. Festivals in Viet Nam. Lesson 6. Skills 2

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Festival name
Meaning for Vietnamese people
Feeling when joining the festival
The boat racing festival in Vietnam originated in Cambodia, this festival usually takes place at the end of the rainy season in November or on the day of Hung Kings’ Temple Festival. The boat racing festival is one of the fine traditional cultures, the festival has a profound meaning about the union of the nation.

About us
Through the festival, you can also see the courage, maintenance, and a passionate patriotism of the Vietnamese people. Besides, the festival takes place to pray for the coastal residents. If you have the opportunity,you should try to join the boat racing festival. This festival usually takes place in Da Nang, Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh.
Buffalo fighting is a unique and traditional festival of people in Do Son District, Haiphong City. This festival is not only associated with Water Goddess worshiping and sacrificing custom but also expressed bravery, chivalry, and risk-taking spirit of people in the coastal city of Haiphong.
The festival is annually and officially operated on the 9th day of the 8th month in Vietnamese Lunar Calendar; however, its preparation takes participants nearly a year to process. From choosing the right buffaloes to buy, raising and training them—all of which require hard work and ongoing effort.
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The festival derives from the belief of Do Son’s locals that buffalo fighting is in favor of their guardian gods and hence a continuity of this activity brings them safe voyages, abundant crops as well as healthy and wealthy people—signs of prosperity and happiness.
Lunar New Year Festival
Tet is one of the most important festival . It is help every year at the end of January.

On the new year,Vietnamese enjoy special food, children get ucky money and present.
Before Tet, Vietnamese clean their house , buy peach blossoms, new clothers and make chung cake. I love Tet very much !
Lim Festival
About us
Lim Festival is a big festival in Bac Ninh province, held on January 13 every year in Tien Du district. This is considered a long-standing cultural trait and characteristic for Kinh Bac region.
Time of movement also does not diminish that tradition, to this day the Lim festival has overcome the cultural space of the region, becoming one of the spring stops of tourists everywhere.
Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional holiday in my country. Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated not only in Vietnam but also in some other parts of Asia as well, such as China, Japan or Korea.
About us
And it is often celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night. In the past, on this day the moon was brightest and roundest which represented the family reunion or gatherings.
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Therefore, families and friends often came together or harvested crops for the festival. Nowadays, Mid Autumn Festival is mainly for young children in Vietnam to enjoy the best time of the year. But not only can children celebrate this day but also adults can, adults who wish to have a chance to remind their childhood and feel young again.
Ky Cung – Ta Phu
Ky Cung – Ta Phu temple is one of the biggest festivals in Lang Son province. It annually takes place on the 22nd through 27th day of the first Lunar month. This festival is held to pay our respects to Than Cong Tai, a head of district who had merit of opening Ky Lua Market to trade with Chinese from the 17th century. The parade route runs from Ky Cung temple to Ta Phu temple.
About us
Local people dressed in colorful and traditional clothes paraded around the city. People go to temples to pray for a better health and a happy life. Almost families along the streets celebrate big parties and invite guests to have lunch together.
Every house also makes offerings, especially a roasted big pig. There are many folk games. The festival attracts many visitors even foreign tourists. This is one of the biggest and most important festivals in Lang Son.
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