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Unit 5. Festivals in Viet Nam. Lesson 6. Skills 2

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Ngày gửi: 22h:13' 27-11-2022
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* Look at the picture and answer the questions.
1. Who is Saint Giong?
He is considered a mythical hero
because he grew from a threeyear- old child into a giant
2. What did he do for the
He defended the country from
foreign invaders – the An.

I. Vocabulary
Hero (n) : anh hùng
Mythical (adj) : thuộc thần thoại
Invader (n) : kẻ xâm lược
Defeat (v) : đánh bại
Defend … from (v) : bảo vệ
Giant (adj) : khổng lồ

- Mythical (adj)

: (thuộc) thần thoại

- Commemorate (v)

: kỷ niệm

- Commune (n)

: xã, công xã

- Invader (n)

: kẻ xâm lược

- Motherland

: quê hương, tổ quốc

- Preservation (n)

: sự bảo tồn

- Defend (v)….from

: bảo vệ




1. Listen and circle the correct answer A,B, or C. (Ex. 2/p. 55)

1. The Giong Festival is held in ________ District, Ha Noi.

A. Dong Anh B. Soc Son

C. Dong Da

 2. This festival is held to commemorate Saint Giong who
defeated ________.
A. the An

B. the Ming C. the Mongols

3. The festival is held ________.

A. on the 6th day of the 4th lunar month


B. on the 12th day of the 4th lunar month


C. from the 6th to the 12th of the 4th lunar month

1.He is a mythical hero, who grew from a three-yearold child into a giant overnight.
2.The preparations begin one month before the festival.
3.A religious ceremony.
4.There is a Cheo play performance.
5.This festival shows the love for our motherland and
the preservation of our cultural heritage.

-I like the Hung King Temple festival
-It's held in Phu Tho province

held on 8th to11th the third lunar
-It worship Hung Kings
-It commemorates the merit of Hung
-The main activities are : offering to
Hung -Kings, bamboo swings, lion
dances, wrestling and xoan singing

-It's impressive because there are many
people joining it.
-I like this festival because it is so
-I also like it because they are so joyful

This festival is Ooc Bom Boc. It's held by our ethnic group
in Soc Trang on the 14th and 15th evenings of the 10th lunar
month. We worship our Moon God at the festival .
We thank him because he give us good harvest and plenty of
fish in the rivers. There are many activities: first we have a
worshipping ceremony at home, under the bamboo archway
or at the pagoda. When the moon appears, the old pray to the
Moon God and the children raise their clasped hands to the
moon .
The offerings are green rice flakes, coconuts, potatoes and
pia cakes. Then we float beautiful paper lanterns on the
river, and the next evening, we hold thrilling dragon boat


 Learn by heart new words.
 Complete the notes to write an article
about this festival the school website.
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