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Unit 5. Festivals in Viet Nam. Lesson 7. Looking back - project

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Good Afternoon Everybody
Well come to our class
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Huong
Luu Ve secondary school - Quang xuong district

Wednesday , November 30th 2016
Unit 5 : Festival in Viet Nam
Period 40: Lesson 7
Looking back and project
Festivals in Viet Nam
I. Warm up
Festivals in Viet Nam
Do Son Buffalo-fighting
Cow Racing Festival
Whale festival
Elephant Race Festival
Hung King Temple Festival
Rice –cooking festival
Flower festival
Huong pagoda festival
New Year Festival

Wednesday , November 30th 2016
Unit 5 : Festival in Viet Nam
Period 40: Lesson 7
Looking back and project
iI. vocabulary: jumble words
Activity 1 :Rearrange the letters to label the picture
1. icnesen 2. ofernfigs
3. pary 4. lnerants
5. csrwod 6. cehergin
Activity 2. Complete the text about the Kate Festival with the words in the box.
commemorates performances ancient procession ethnic ritual respect perform
The Kate Festival is held by the Cham (1) _________ group in Ninh Thuan in the central part of Viet Nam. This festival (2) _________________ their heroes - the Gods Po Klong Garai and Po Rome and shows their (3) ____________ to these Gods.
At the festival, the Cham people have to do a (4) ___________
to welcome the costumes from the Raglai - the (5) ___________
Cham. People take part in a (6) ___________ to the
nearby temple. When the procession arrives at the Cham
tower, a group of dancers (7) ___________ a welcome
Dance in front of the tower. Besides, there is
the Poh Bang (door opening)
performance By a magician in the
temple and the chanting of a hymn. This is a really joyful festival which
features many theractivities like (8) ________________of the Ginang
drum and the Saranai fl ute and the Apsara dance.
Activity 3. Choose the correct answer.
1. When/ If you are Vietnamese, you should know the story of chung cakes and day cakes.
2. Even though/ When the New Year’s Eve is late at night, children stay awake to welcome the New Year and to watch the firework display.
3. Children like the Mid-Autumn Festival because/ although they are given many sweets and toys.
4. While/ If children are waiting for the moon to rise, they sing, dance and listen to the story of
Hang Nga and Cuoi.
5. Because/ When you come to the Lim Festival, you can enjoy the singing of the most skilled lien anh and lien chi.
Activity 4. Use your own words/ ideas to complete the sentences below. Complete your sentences with a partner.
1. When the Lim Festival begins, ________________
2. Because we have many festivals in January, ____
3. If you go to the Hue Festival, _________________
4. Although sticky rice is very tasty, _____________
5. While we are boiling chung cakes, ____________
1. When the Lim Festival begins, __________.
people come to see the quan ho singing performance.
2. Because we have many festivals in January, _____. 
we call it the month of fun and joy.
3. If you go to the Hue Festival, _________________.
you can enjoy an ao dai fashion show.
4. Although sticky rice is very tasty, _____________.  
it’s hard to eat it every day.
5. While we are boiling chung cakes, ____________.
we often listen to our grandparents’ stories.
Activity 5. Put the following things and activities in the correct columns.
mooncakes lion dance floating lanterns family reunion visiting relatives kumquat welcome-the-moon party firework displays the first-footer Hang Nga and Cuoi stories
family reunion
visiting relatives
firework displays
the first-footer
lion dance
floating lanterns
welcome-the-moon party
Hang Nga and Cuoi stories
Activity 6. Work in pairs, find out which festival your partner prefers. Which three things or activities does your partner like best in the festival he/ she chooses? Why?
I like the firework
displays best because they
look beautiful.
I enjoy being the
first-footer on New Year’s Day,
because I can get lucky money.
Finished! Now I can … .
● talk about festivals in Viet Nam and the reasons they are held
● use compound and complex sentences to talk about festivals
● stress and pronounce correctly multi-syllable words ending in -ion and -ian
● write about a festival I like
Chau van singing
Xoan singing
Quan ho singing
Don ca tai tu singing
Look at the pictures .Ask and answer the question
1.Which kind of singing are the people in the pictures performing ?

2. When /Where do they perform these songs ?

3. Can you sing any of these ?
->Chau van singing,xoan singing ,quan ho singing and don ca tai tu singing
-> Chau van is often performed in competition or religious ceremonies in north of Viet Nam .
-> Xoan often performed in Hung King Temple
Festival or in other local festival in Phu Tho
-> Quan ho is often performed in Lim festival,in
Bac Ninh Province and local festivals
-> Don ca tai tu is often performed in the south of
Vietnam , normally in wedding , birthday , ……..
-> No , I can’t / Yes , I can
Review the vocabulary of Unit 5.
Rewrite Ex. 4, 5 & 6 onto your exercise book.
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