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(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Trần Thị Kim Liên
Ngày gửi: 22h:21' 31-01-2016
Dung lượng: 5.6 MB
Số lượt tải: 116
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Trần Duy Trung)
Welcome to English Club!
Kim`s game
You will have three suggestions to guess what it is
Each of group has only one time to answer, if you answer at the first suggestion (correct answer) you will score 30 points, the second – 20 points, the last – 10 points.
- The Group with the highest mark is the winner.
1. What is it?
This is a famous theater.
This is the unique architecture of Sydney which attracts many tourists all over the world.
Sydney Opera House
2. What is the flower?
It is one of the symbolic flowers in Japan.
It always points towards the sun.
3. What is it?
It is the youngest state in the USA.
It consists of a chain of islands.
Watch a video clip about it.
4. What is it ?
It is a country in South America.
The country is famous for carnivals and samba music.
5. What is it?
It’s a natural area spreading nine countries.
Its name is also the name of a famous river in South America.
Amazon forest
6. What is it?
It is a beautiful island.
Watch a video clip about it.
Garlic grown there is well-known throughout Vietnam .
Ly son island
6.Let’s speak!
Watch a conversation between two strangers
and answer:
1. How do they start the conversation?
2.What topics are they talking about?
Starting: Hello…..
Ask and answer:
about your hometown/hobbies/work/the weather/family….
How are you? Where are you from? Why did you come here? Do you like the food/the weather….? What do you like the best in here? Are you enjoying yourself?How much longer will you stay here?.....
( remember not to mention to their age/marriage/income)
It’s been nice to talk to you but I must be going now…..
Oh,sorry. I’ve got to go now. Goodbye.
Oh.I can’t believe how late it is. So I’ve got to go now…..
Work in pairs to make your own conversation as model.
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