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Unit 10. Healthy lifestyle and longevity. Lesson 2. Language

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Nguồn: Biên soạn
Người gửi: Nguyễn Hồ Hồng Thái
Ngày gửi: 14h:31' 21-05-2020
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1.Complete the sentences with the right form of the words.
2. nutrition
3.natural remedies
4.immune system
5.ageing process
7.Life expectancy
2.Write a short explanation of the phrases in the space provided.
-free: without, not containing
-anti-: against, preventing, opposite
-1.milk that does not fat that does not cause stress
3.foods that do not contain cholesterol
4.foods that are believed to prevent the appearance from getting older. that prevents the formation of acne
6. medicine that lowers cholesterol levels or prevents high cholesterol

Intonation: Invitations, suggestions, polite requests, uncertainty and surprise
1.Listen and repeat. Pay attention to the fall-rise intonation
1.invitation/ suggestion
4.polite request
2.Listen and mark fall-rise intonation.
1.Decide if it is necessary to change the verb tenses . Write C (changed ) or U (unchanged).
2.Report each statement in 1.
1.I told him that if I drank coffee before bedtime, I couldn’t sleep.
2.Dr Quan said that we’d boost our immune system if we had a healthy lifestyle.
3.John’s wife told him that it would be nice if he could spend more time with the children.
4.Peter explained to us that if Ann called him back, he’d arrange an appointment for her.
5.The travel agent explained to us that if we travel to a foreign country , we need a valid passport.
6.My grandmother keeps telling us that if we catch a cold, we should try natural remedies before taking any medicine.
7.John told us that if he were rich, he’d donate money to charity.
8.Mary’s father said that she would recover quickly if she followed the doctor’s advice.
Reported speech with to-infinitives or gerunds
3.Write the sentences in reported speech.
1.Jack’s father advised him not to eat fast food every day.
2.Ann asked Kim to do the dishes for her.
3.The doctor told me to do a 30-minute workout every day.
4.Mai invited Peter to go out for a coffee.
5.Phong apologized for breaking my glasses.
6.Hoa reminded Lan to buy some groceries on the way home.
7.Carol suggested enrolling on a yoga course.
8.John and Max admitted forgetting to submit the assignments the day before.
4.Change the sentences into direct speech.
1. “I’ll pay for your holiday in Singapore if you pass your English test, Ha.”
2. “Kim, don’t forget to turn off the lights before leaving the house .”
3. “You shouldn’t exercise too hard because it’s not good for your heart.”
4. “Let’s have a picnic next weekend.”
5. “Don’t play near the construction site.”
6. “Would you like to spend your summer holidays on my grandparents’ farm?”
7. “I’m sorry. I’ve made lots of mistakes in the report.”
8. “Yes. I took my father’s car without permission.”
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