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Người gửi: Võ Quang Trung
Ngày gửi: 11h:07' 23-02-2009
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Số lượt tải: 125
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Creating Illustrations
with CorelDRAW
Session 1: Getting started with Corel DRAW
Learning Outcomes
Describe the application window
State the difference between AI and CorelDRAW
Show how to draw various shapes

Describe how to select objects
Describe how to change order of objects
Describe how to transform objects
Describe how to duplicate objects
Describe how to organize objects

Show how to perform various functions like undo, redo, zooming, panning
Show how to save a document created in CorelDRAW
CorelDRAW Interface
From AI to CorelDRAW
Comparing Tools
Comparing Tools
Center marker
Center indicator
Selection handle
Quick Test 1
What is the term used for Anchor points in CorelDRAW?

A Status bar shows information about objects such as type, size, fill, color and resolution (True/False)
Drawing Basic Shapes
Rectangle Tool
Drawing Basic Shapes
Rectangle Tool Property bar
Drawing Basic Shapes
Ellipse Tool
Ellipse Tool Property bar

Polygon Tool

Polygon Property bar
Spiral Tool
Symmetrical Spiral
Logarithmic Spiral
Spiral Revolution
Spiral Expantion Factor
Graph Paper Tool
Column and Row
Predefined Shapes
Basic Shapes Tool
Basic Shapes Property bar
Shape Recognition
Smart Drawing Tool
Smart Drawing Tool
Drawing a shape using Smart Drawing Tool
Quick Test 2
__________ Tool is used to reshape a polygon or a star.

The Spiral Tool is grouped with the _______ and _______ tools.
Selecting Objects
Select and Deselect Objects
Selection Handles
Rotation Handles
Changing Order of Objects
To Front of Page
To Back of Page
To Front of Layer
To Back of Layer
Forward One
Back One
In Front
Transforming Objects
Transforming Objects Manually
Using Transform Docker
Arrange -> Transformations
Windows -> Dockers -> Transformations
Duplicating Objects
Duplicate command
> Edit -> Duplicate
Do one of the following:
> Press Ctrl + D
> Dragging an object with right mouse button
> Dragging an object with hold down Spacebar

> Clone Fill
> Clone Outline
> Clone Path and Shape
> Clone Transformation
> Clone Bitmap Color Mask
A mater object can be cloned multiple time, but a clone cannot be cloned
Step and Repeat
Edit -> Step and Repeat …
Quick Test 3
The To Front of Page command moves the selected object forward by one position. (True/False)

To select an object, click on the ________ Tool.

_______ creates a duplicate that is linked to the original object.
Organizing Objects
Top Alignment applied
Scattered objects
Circle being dragged to snap to the midpoint of a square
Navigating around the document
Zoom Tool Property bar
Saving the document
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
The 3-point Rectagle Tool allows creating angled rectangles
Ellipse and circle can also be converted into pie and arced lines
The polygon can be converted to star and to polygons, by changing the number or sides on a polygon or number of points on a star, and sharpening the points of a star
A polygon or a star can be reshaped using the Shape tool, which helps create different shapes
The 3-point Curve Tool creates smooth arc shapes with precision
Using the Shape Tool, objects can be shaped by manipulating nodes and segments
The Free Transform Tool allow you to rotate, reflect, scale or skew the selected object just like the Free Transform Tool in Illustrator
Mirroring an object flips it from left to right or top to bottom
Grouping object is used to treat multiple object as a simple entity
_____ Window has commands and setting related to a specific tool or task


Select the correct steps and arrange them in proper order for creating 3-point Rectangle Tool

Drag the cursor to draw height and click
Drag the node to change the object’s shape
Click and drag the cursor to define its width and release the mouse button
Click to define the first node position of your path
Transformation means adjusting the object’s position, rotation and scale


The Clone fill option restores the master shape and size attributes


The files in CorelDRAW are saved in _____ format

Hand-on Projects
huong dan su dung bang Tieng Anh thi phan mem nao tra co. Sao lai tai len nguyen phan huong dan Tieng Anh trong ban goc vay, ban phai dich ra chu danh do dong nghiep a??? Co phai GV nao cung biet ve do hoa (design) dau. Ban nao can ban huong dan nhanh Tieng Viet gui tin cho toi , toi tang nhe!!!
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