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Unit 14. International organizations

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*Warm-up: Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue.
Ann: Hello, Jane.
Jane: Oh, Hi, Ann. …(1)….are you?
Ann: I’m …(2)….., thanks. ….(3)…you?
Jane: Not bad. …(4)…are you going now?
Ann: I’m going to the ….(5)….. .
Jane: Don’t go there today.
Ann: Why?
Jane: Because today is Sunday.
Part E_Language focus
UNIT 14:
Unit 14: International organizations
Lesson 5: Language focus
I. Intonation: The falling tune
Ex: - How are you?
-Where are you going now?
- I’m going to the library.
- Don’t go there today.
The falling tune :
(Ngữ điệu xuống)
Câu hỏi thông tin
Câu trần thuật
- Câu mệnh lệnh
1.The World Wildlife Fund was established in 1961.
7. Come in and sit down.
6. Don’t go away.
3. What does WHO stand for?
4. How many goals are set by the UN?
2. A small country is equal to a large country in the UN.
8. Hurry up. It’s late.
5. What do you think of this situation?
Practice reading the following sentences with the following tune.
He gets up at 7 o’clock every morning.
He/She turns on the TV to watch the film.
He is putting on the shoes.
He gave up smoking because of his illness last month.
He is looking after his wife.
A bomb went off last night and killed two people.
Drogba took off his shirt when he scored a goal.
Unit 14: International organizations
Lesson 5: Language focus
II. Grammar: Phrasal verbs
+ get up: thức dậy
+ turn on: bật >< turn off
+ put on: = wear: đeo
+ give up: = stop
+ look after: = take care of
+ go off: nổ
+ take off: cởi
= a phrasal verb
(Cụm động từ)
= Verb + prep
Wash up:
Look up:
Put on:
Fill in:
Take off:
Giặt, rửa
Tra cứu
= wear
Điền vào
Cất cánh
Look at the pictures and guess the meaning of the words.
Ex1/159: Complete the sentences, using the words from the box. Some words can be used more than one.
John got ill and had to …………………..smoking
Please …………………this form and post it
3. It’s dark in here. Can I …………… the lights?
4. Remember to ………………….. your shoes when you are in a Japanese house
5. Let me help you ……………..

give up
take off
wash up
go on
fill in
look up
put on
turn on
turn off
give up
take off
wash up
go on
fill in
look up
put on
turn on
turn off
Ex1/ 159: Complete the sentences, using the words from the box. Some words can be used more than one.
6. You can …………… the new words in the dictionary.
7. …………… the lights when you are not using them
8. Why do you have to ………….the form?
9. He is too tired to ………….. working.
10. …………….. your coat, it’s cold outside.
Ex2/p160: Complete the sentences, using the prepositions below . Some prepositions can be used more than once.
The door opened and I went in.
2. I usually get…….at six o’clock in the morning.
3. I’m bored. Shall we go …………….this evening?
4. I heard a noise behind me and turned …….., but there was nothing.
5. I can’t go ………… walking. Can we stop and have a short rest?
6. Hurry ………….! The bus is coming.
7. I’m not feeling well. I’m going to lie ………… for an hour.
8. “I need you. Don’t go ……………. .”
9. “Please come in and sit ……………. .”
10. John put ………….. his best clothes for the interview.

Exercise 3: Choose the word that has the same meaning with the underlined word.

A. take up B. set up C. try out D. turn on
1. The trouble with Frank is that he arrives never on time for a meeting.
A. goes on B. turns up C. watches out D. puts off
2. John, could you take care of my handbag while I go to the toilet?
A. look after B. care of C. care about D. go over
3. What a lovely baby! He certainly resembles his father, doesn’t he?
A. stands for B. goes down C. looks for D. takes after
4. My father still hasn’t really overcome the death of my mother.
A. looked up B. gone on C. got over D. given up
5. Because of an accident, my train was delayed for several hours.
A. cut down B. held up C. brought about D. taken off
6. I’ll be back in a minute, Jane. I just want to test my new tape recorder.
7. The bomb exploded with a loud bang which could be heard all over the town.
A. went away B. went off C. put on D. put off
1. get over
2. turn up
3. take after
4. go off
5. leave for
6. keep on
7. search for
8. hold up

go on
look up
resemble , alike
go away from , depart
Matching the phrasal verbs in column A with their synonyms in column B
* Look at the pictures below and use the phrasal verbs you’ve learnt to make meaningful sentences:
listen to
put on
turn on
look after
get on
Ex: Picture 1. He is putting on his shoes to play soccer.
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