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Unit 2. Life in the Countryside. Lesson 7. Looking back - project

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Người gửi: Dương Quang Minh
Ngày gửi: 23h:27' 14-10-2019
Dung lượng: 5.7 MB
Số lượt tải: 1880
Monday, October 14, 2019
1. He is a famous athletic so of course he runs ___________ me.
2. My pen pal friend says he would like to visit my ___________ at harvest time to see what farmers do.
3. The cost of living in my town is _________________ in this area.
4. Our garden is __________ in spring when almost flowers bloom.
5. City children have ____________ life than the country children.

Fill each blank with the correct form of the word in the box.
faster than
the most expensive
more exciting
New lesson
Monday, October 14, 2019
Monday, October 14, 2019
1. Use the words and phrases in the box to describe the pictures. Some words / phrases may be used for more than one picture.

harvest time
paddy fields
nomadic life
paddy fields
The scenery is so peaceful and quiet. There are vast lands, vast pasture and vast paddy fields. There are few people. It’s really a typical view of the countryside.
* Describe the pictures.
peaceful, vast, quiet, pasture, paddy field
Monday, October 14, 2019
It’s harvest time now. There are many colourful rice paddy fields in the picture. The country looks so picturesque. Some people are working on the fields. Their work is hard and their lives may be uncomfortable. However, life in the country is very quiet and peaceful. After a hard day, they can relax without thinking so much about other complex problems as people in the city do.
* Describe the pictures.
quiet, peaceful, colourful, paddy field, rice, harvest time
Monday, October 14, 2019
There are a lot of cattle on the pasture. Nomadic life is hard and inconvenient. They put up some tents to stay in. They usually move to look for grasslands for their cattle. These cattle are very important to them because they provide them with many necessary things. Nomadic children can ride horses and help their parents a lot. It’s a hard but interesting life.
* Describe the pictures.
peaceful, vast, quiet, nomadic life, pasture, inconvenient, ger, cattle, horses
A woman is collecting water from the river.
2. Look at each picture and write a sentence describing what each person is doing. Use the verbs in brackets.
6. (collect)
A boy is riding a horse.
A man is herding his cattle.
1. (ride)
2. (herd)
3. (pick)
A boy and a girl are picking apples.
The children are flying a kite on the fields.
The children are running around in the fields.
4. (fly)
5. (un around)
3. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences, using suitable comparative forms of the adverbs in brackets.
1. A lion runs ________ than a horse. (fast)
2. The Great Wall was built _______ than the White House. (early)
3. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences, using suitable comparative forms of the adverbs in brackets.
3. Homes in the city are often _______ furnished ______ those in the countryside. (well)
4. A racing driver drives ___________________ a normal motorist. (skillfully)
more skillfully than
3. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences, using suitable comparative forms of the adverbs in brackets.
5. A house is ________________ decorated at New Year _________  during the year.
more beautifully 
4. Read the situations and complete the sentences with suitable forms of the adverbs in brackets.
1. A horse can run 80km/hr while a camel can only run 12km/hr. (fast)
→ A horse can run _________________________
2. According to a survey, 75% of the population
in the countryside are happy with their life. This rate in the city is only 47%. (happily)
→ People in the countryside live _______________
3. Unlike many other jobs, farmers depend heavily on the weather. (heavily)
→ Farmers depend ____________________________
4. We are both bad at swimming but I’m better
than my sister. (badly)
→ My sister swims _________________________
worse than I do.
faster than a camel.
those in the city.
more happily than
more heavily on the weather
than people in many other jobs.
5. Work in groups.
What will you do during the trip to the countryside?
Write the answers in the table below.

Report your findings to the class.
swim in the river
go fishing
climb the tree
ride a bike around the village
You are planning a trip to the countryside. Work together and answer the question:
Model report to the class:
Hi. I am Lý Lệ Lan. I am the representative of the group Lovely Tiger. Our group includes Tuan, Nga, Nam and me - Lan. After our ardent discussion about What we will do during the trip to the countryside, I would like to report it to you as follows:
Tuan will climb the trees to find bird nests. He wants to know how the birds lay eggs. Nga will go fishing. She has bought her fishing rod already. She hopes to catch a lot of fish. Nam wants to swim in the river there. He can swim very well in the swimming pool, but he has never swum in a river. I am the last person in my group. I will ride a bike around the village to go sight-seeing. I will take a camera with me. I hope I will take a lot of beautiful pictures there.
Now. It’s time you conduct the discussion. And each group nominates the representative to report the results to the class.
Work in groups of four or five. Take turns to
draw a group picture of a place you would like to live in the countryside. Then make a list of:
1. the things you have in your picture
2. the activities you can do there
Show your drawing to the class and talk about it.
1. the things we have in the picture
▪ a wooden house
▪ a beautiful river
▪ a boat
▪ a field of wild flowers
2. the activities we can do there
▪ biking along the river
▪ picking wild flowers
▪ swimming in the river
▪ boating on the river
Model Project:
This is our home village in the countryside. It has a wooden house in the middle. The house is near the river. There is a boat on the river. There is also a field of wild flowers nearby. We will bike along the river and swim in the river. We will go boating on the river. In the morning we will go picking the wild flowers. We love our place very much.
Report to the class:
Monday, October 14, 2019
- Review all the new words again.
- Review the grammar point: Comparatives.
- Do the project. Report to the class in the next period.
- Prepare for : Unit 3 – Getting started
Listen and read
See you again!
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