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Unit 2. Life in the Countryside. Lesson 7. Looking back - project

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Thúy Ngân
Ngày gửi: 21h:37' 11-10-2021
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Thursday, October 7th 2021
Period 15
Review unit 1 and 2
Review Unit2;
* Vocabulary: related the topic life in the contryside
* pronunciation: /-bl/, /-cl/
* Grammar:
Review comparison of quality
S + be/V + as adj/adv as + N/Pro.
Reviewcomparative of adjectives and adverbs
S + be/V + adj(s)/adv(s)+er + than + N/Pro.
S + be/V + more adj(L)/adv(L) + than + N/Pro.
Review superlative of adjectives and adverbs
S + be/V + the adj(s)/adv(s)+est…
S + be/V + the most adj(L)/adv(L)…
1. Use the words and phrases in the box to describe the pictures. Some words/ phrases may be used for more than one picture.
paddy field
paddy field
harvest time
nomadic life
2. Look at each picture and write a sentence describing what each person is doing. Use the verbs in brackets.
1. (ride)
A boy is riding a horse.
2. (herd)
A man is herding his cattle / sheep.
3. (pick)
A girl is picking apples (from an apple tree).
A boy is flying a kite.
4. (fly)
6. (collect)
5. (run around)
The children are running around in the fields / countryside.
A woman is collecting water from the river.
3. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences, using suitable comparative forms of the adverbs in brackets.
1. A lion runs __________ a horse. (fast)
2. The Great Wall was built __________ the White House. (early)
faster than
earlier than
4. A racing driver drives __________________ a normal motorist. (skillfully)
3. Homes in the city are often _______ furnished _____ those in the countryside. (well)
5. A house is  ______________ decorated at New Year  _____  during the year. (beautifully)
more skillfully than
more beautifully
4. Read the situations and complete the sentences with suitable forms of the adverbs in brackets.
A horse can run 80km/hr while a camel can only run 12km/hr. (fast)

→ A horse can run ____________________.

According to a survey, 75% of the population in the countryside are happy with their life. This rate in the city is only 47%. (happily)

→ People in the countryside live ______________________________.

Unlike many other jobs, farmers depend heavily on the weather. (heavily)

→ Farmers depend ____________________________________________________.

We are both bad at swimming but I’m better than my sister. (badly)

→ My sister swims ____________________.
faster than a camel
more happily than those in the city
more heavily on the weather than people in many other jobs
worse than I do
Give the correct form of adj/adv to complete the sentences
1. Urban sprawl has happed (fast) ______________ than ever before.
2. Ha Noi is much (populous) ______________ than my hometown.
3. The city center is (densely) _____________popolated than the suburbs.
4. You can count on Peter. He is ( reliable) _________________ than he appears to be.
5. This singer performs (well) ___________ than she used to be three years ago.
6. This year we travel (far) ______________ than we did last year.
7. I notice that today my daughter looked (happy) ___________ than usual.
8. As people gets old, they try to maitain a ( healthy) _______________ lifestyle than when they are young.
9. Travelling by bus is much (slow) ____________ than travelling by bullet train.
10. Jim didn’t feel well today, so he performed (badly) _______________ than usual.
11. You are (good) ______________ than me when it comes to public speaking.
12. He seem to be ( familiar) ______________ with his neighborhood than any one else here.
13. Listen! Today Jim sings ( beautifully) ____________ than any other day.
14. The air in the city is (polluted) ______________ than that in the countryside.
15. I think computer will be (helpful) ___________ for you than a smartphone.
Choose the best option to complete the following sentences
1. Jim boasted that he could run (faster/fastlier) than anyone else in his class.
2. her presentation is (poorer/ more poorly) prepared than I expected.
3. Jim seems to care ( littler/less) about his health than he could.
4. If you had tried (harder/more hardly), you would have passed the test.
5. Today the sun shines (brighter/ more brightly) than yesterday.
6. Snow storm in my hometown is (more severe/ more severely) than anywhere else in the country.
7. I think you could reach a (higher/ more highly) position in the company if you tried.
8. If you behaved (cleverer/ more cleverly), they would look up to you.
9. Although my computer is old-fashioned, it runs (smoother/ more smoothly) than many of the modern ones.
10. Thanks to immense practice, Jim can speak English much (more fluent/more fluently)than he used to.

Rewrite the following sentences
0. Living in the city is much more expensive than living in the countryside.
=> Living in the countryside is much cheaper than living in the city.
My current house is more spacious than the old one.
=> My old house_____________________________________________.
2. He performed better than he was expected.
=> He was expected_____________________________________________.
3. This time Mike run faster than his brother.
=> This time Mike’s brother________________________________________.
4. I think you will have a higher position in our company than Jim.
=> I think Jim will________________________________________________.
5. Jane decorated her cake more beautifully than I did.
=> I___________________________________________________________.
6. This year Peter invested a larger amount of money on his business than last year.=> Last year________________________________________________.
7.My computer is costlier than Jim’s.
Jim’s computer________________________________________________.
8.Playing sports is more time-saving than playing computer games.=> Playing computer games________________________________________________.
Work in groups of four or five. Take turns to draw a group picture of a place you would like to live in the countryside. Then make a list of:
the things you have in your picture
the activities you can do there
Show your drawing to the class and talk about it.
a wooden house
a beautiful river
a boat
a field of wild flower
biking along the river
picking wild flowers
swimming in the river
boating on the river

Ex1: Complete the sentences with suitable comparative forms of adverbs in the box

1. more slowly 

2. more soundly 

3. less traditionaly 

4. more gernerously 

5. more healthily

Ex2: Finish the sentences below with a suitable comparative form of hard, early, late, fast, well and badly.

1. better

2. faster

3. later 

4. harder

5. worser

6. earlier


1. more optimistically 

2. popularly

3. less densely populated

4. more quickly

5. more easily 

6. better


1. The countruside is more peaceful

2. A computer works faster at calculus

3. Life in a remote area is harder 

4. Ho Chi Minh city is more expensive than Hue 

5. Animals can smell better than human beings. 

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