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Unit 1. A visit from a pen pal

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Good morning Everybody

Unit 1
Lesson 5: Write
330.991 sq km
80 million
- Area:
- Population:
- Capital city:
- Unit of currency:
- National language:
Have you ever written a letter?
Who do you write to?
What do you write about?
What are the parts of a personal letter?
A: Heading
-Writer’s address and the date
B: Opening
- Dear,...
C: Body of the letter
D: Closing
- Your friend/ Reguard/ Love
Imagine you are visiting your relatives or friends in another part of Viet Nam or a different country. Write a letter to your family. Follow the outline.
Dear Mum,
I arrived in Hue yesterday morning. Uncle Tam met me at the train station and took me home by motorbike.
Hue is rather hot this season. Cousin Chi and I have taken a boat trip along the Huong River, and we have visited Thien Mu Pagoda. Then we have enjoyed Hue’s pan cakes at Thuong Tu. I have bought some jelly-like candy (“me xung” as people here call it). We’ll go to Lang Co tomorrow to have a swim.

Main parts ( what she did / visited / ate / bought)
I feel quite comfortable here, although I miss you and Dad very much. The people are very hospitable, and the food is delicious – I like all kinds of food here. I’ll come back home next Sunday. Please pick me up at the train station at around 2 p.m.
With love
Concluding comment (impressions, likes, when to come back home)
Ending + signature
First paragraph:
- Who did you visit?
- Where does she/he live?
- How did you go there?
- When did you arrive?
- Who met you at the bus/ train station/ airport?
I went there . . . . . .
I arrived . . . . . .
. . . . . .met me at the bus/ train station/ airport.
I visited . . . . . .
She/He lived . . . . . .
Second paragraph
- What places have you visited?
- What food have you tried?
- Who did you meet?
- What things have you bought?
I have visited . . . . . . . .
I have tried . . . (pancake, stuffed pancake. . .)
I met . . . . . . .
I have bought . . . . . . . .
Third paragraph
- How do you feel?
- What do you enjoy most?
- When will you leave there/ return home?
I feel. . . . .
I enjoy . . . .
I will leave there/ return home . . . . .
(happy, disappointed)
(people, places, activities)
Suggested letter
26 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang
August 15, 2018
Dear Mom and Dad,
I arrived at Da Nang airport at 8 am on Tuesday. Nam and his sister met me at the airport, then they took me home by taxi.
I have visited many places like the beaches, the Cham Museum, Marble Moutains, supermarkets, the water park, ect. I have tried different foods: seafood, Da Nang speciality...
I will visit Hoi An and My Son tomorrow.
I feel so happy and enjoy myself so much. The people here are so nice and friendly, the food are so delicious, and the sights are so beautiful.
I will leave Da Nang at 2am on Sunday and I will arrive home at 5 pm. Please pick me up at the airport.
Your son,
a. Very happy / get / your mail.
b. I / back / from / holiday / countryside.
c. It / one / most / interesting / trip / have.
d. I / play / lots / traditional games / eat / fresh fruit.
e. What / you? / nice / weekend?.
f. Please / write back / me /soon / possible.
I’m very happy to get your mail.
I have been back from a holiday to the countryside.
It was one of the most interesting trip I have ever had.
I played lots of traditional games and ate lots of fresh fruit.
What about you? Did you have a nice weekend?
Please write back to me as soon as possible.
VI. Homework:

Rewrite your letter at home.
Prepare : language focus
Celinne Dion – And so this is Xmax
Goodbye !
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