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Unit 12. Music

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Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Nguồn: violet
Người gửi: nguyễn thị thanh hằng
Ngày gửi: 13h:15' 11-08-2015
Dung lượng: 3.0 MB
Số lượt tải: 91
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Let’s joy music
Well come to our lesson
- Divide the class into 2 big groups: group A and group B.
- The representatives of each group have to match the pictures of the singers or composers who sing, play or compose the same type of music.
- The group finishes earlier with correct answers will be the winner.
- The winner will be given a gift.
NSƯT Thuý Cải- Quan họ Bắc Ninh
NSƯT Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh-
Đàn bầu
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig Van Beethoven
King of Pop Music
Queen of Pop Music
Elvis Presley – King of Rock N’ Roll
Nghệ sĩ Quyền Văn Minh
Nghệ sĩ Quyền Thiện Đắc
Unit 12:
Work in pairs.Match each of the descriptions to a type of music.
♫. folk music /fəuk ‘mju:zik/: nhạc dân gian

♫. rock ‘n’ Roll /rɔk n rɔl/: nhạc rock ‘n’ roll

♫. pop music /pɔp ‘mju:zik/: nhạc trẻ (pop)

♫. classical music /’klæsikl ‘mju:zik/: nhạc cổ điển

♫. jazz /ʤæz /: nhạc ja
♫. emotion /i’məuʃn/ (n) : tình cảm

♫. express /iks`pres/ (v) : biểu lộ, thể hiện

♫. funeral /’fju:nərəl/ (n): đám tang

♫. joyfulness /`ʤɔifulnis/ (n): sự vui mừng
Pre-teaching vocabulary:
II. While-reading:

Task 1: Discuss and match each of the descriptions to a type of music
♫ 1. lull /lʌl/ (v): ru (ngủ)
Ex: She is lulling her baby to sleep.
♫ 3. delight /di’lait/ (v): làm cho vui vẻ, dễ chịu
Ex: Mr. Dam’s Mai Vang award delights all his fan.
♫ 2. communicate /kə`mju:nikeit/(v): giao tiếp
communication (n)
♫ 4. integral /’intigrəl/ (adj): thiết yếu
Ex: He is an integral part of our football team.
♫ 5. mournful /’mɔ:nful/ (adj): buồn thảm
Ex: a mournful story
♫ 6. solemn /’sɔləm/ (adj): trang nghiêm
Ex: a solemn atmosphere
♫ 1. lull /lʌl/ (v): ru (ngủ)
♫ 2. communicate /kə`mju:nikeit/(v): giao tiếp
communication (n)
♫ 3. delight /di’lait/ (v): làm cho vui vẻ, dễ chịu
♫ 4. integral /’intigrəl/ (adj): thiết yếu
♫ 5. mournful /’mɔ:nful/ (adj): buồn thảm
♫ 6. solemn /’sɔləm/ (adj): trang nghiêm
Read the text silently then work in pairs to finish the Task 1
1. If you know English, you can ………………………. with people from the English-speaking world easily.
2. Everynight, the mother tells her daughter a fairy tale to …………. her to sleep.
3. Nam’s success at school ………………. his parents.
4. He is an …………………………. of the team, we can’t do without him.
integral part
5. The teacher criticised him with a ………………… expression on his face.

6. Like a lot men, he finds it hard to express his ………………..

7. With a ……………… look on his face, he told us about his uncle’s death.
Task 2: Read the text silently then work in pairs to answer questions in textbook.
1. What are two things that make humans different from other animals?
- Language and Music.
2. Why is music a powerful means of communication?
- Because it can express ideas, thoughts and feelings.
3. How can music set the tone for events and special occasions?
- It adds joyfullness to the atmosphere of a festival and makes a funeral more solemn and mournful.
4. How can music entertain?
- It makes people happy and excited. It delights the senses.

5. Why has music always been a big business?
- Because it is a billion-dollar industry
III. Post-reading: Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions below.
1. How many roles of music are mentioned in the text?
- 5 roles: + expresses emotions
+ entertains
+ makes festivals joyful
+ makes a funeral solemn and
+ lulls babies and wakes up
2. In your opinion, which of the roles of music is the most important?
- Learn all the new words
- Prepare Part B. Speaking
Thank you very much
for your attendance!
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