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Unit 4. Music and Arts. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Unit 4: Music and Arts

Lesson 1: Getting started
I. Vocabulary
- crayons (n) :
- musician (n) :
- gallery (n) :
ảnh chân dung
bút màu sáp
nhạc sĩ
cuộc triển lãm
- portrait (n) :
- musical instrument (n) :
dụng cụ âm nhạc
I. Listen and Read
1a. True (T) or false (F) statements.
Nick : Hi Duong. How are things ?
Duong : Good. Oh, have you visited the Crazy Paint art gallery recently?
Nick : No, I haven’t. I heard that it’s not good as it was before.
Duong : Oh no! It’s great! I went there last weekend. The paintings are excellent!
So what shall we do this weekend?
Nick : Let me see. The La La Las are playing at the Young Club, let’s go!
Duong : But we can watch the concert live on TV.
Nick : Oh, come on! It’s quite different to be there in person – the musicians, the crowd,
the colourful lights, the atmosphere ….. It will be fantastic!
Duong : I don’t like so much noise, Nick. Loud pop music really isn’t my thing.
Nick : Come on, Duong. It will be exciting.
Duong : How about going to the cinema? I like films.
Nick : Me too. Ok, we can go to the cinema if I get to choose the film!
1-b. Finish the following sentences by writing one word/ phrase from the conversation.
I. Listen and read
1. Crazy Paint art gallery is ___________ before.
2. Duong says it is very ____________ at pop concerts.
3. Nick thinks pop concerts are ___________.
4. Nick says it’s more exciting to be at pop concerts _____________.
5. Duong and Nick have decided to go to the ______________.
as good as
in person
c. Find these expressions in the conversation. Check what they mean.
1. Let me see :
2.Come on :
3.It isn’t my thing :
used when you are thinking what to say or reply.
to show that you don’t agree with what somebody has said.
to show that you don’t like something.
Nick: Let me see. The La La Las are playing at the Young Club.
Let’s go!
Nick: Come on, Duong. It will be exciting!
Duong: …Loud pop music isn’t my thing.
d. Work in pairs. Make short role-plays with the expressions above. Then practise them.
Example 2
A: I like watching football match on TV.
B: Oh, come on ! It’s more exciting to watch it at the stadium.
A: We’ll go to the theatre next Sunday. Can you go, too?
Example 1
B: Let me see. I’ll have to ask my parents first.
II. Practice
Put the correct word/ phrase under each of the pictures. Then listen and repeat.
a. camera
b. portrait
c. paintbrush
e. museum
f. painting
g. crayons
h. art gallery
i. opera
j.musical instruments
Complete these sentences with words from 2.
1. The painter’s exhibition, “Hidden Flower”, begins today at the city ______________.
2. Bui Xuan Phai is my favourite artist. I love his ___________ of the old Ha Noi streets.
3. In Barcelona, Spain, you can visit a ________ dedicated to the life of Picasso.
4. I think photography is an interesting art form. Of course, having a good _________ is important.
5. I rarely listen to ___________ at home. I can’t understand the words they sing, and I prefer modern music.
art gallery
After the lesson, you will able to know :
+ How to make a plan for the weekend with your friends.
+ know many words/phrases related to the topic “Music and arts”
+ Use some expressions to show your opinion
Listen and read the dialogue again .
Make examples with : Let me see, come on, It isn’t my thing
Do exercises B1,2 on P31- WB.
Prepare A CLOSER LOOK 1.

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