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Unit 4. Music and Arts. Lesson 5. Skills 1

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Nguồn: lê hoài bảo trâm
Người gửi: Trần Lê Bảo Tú
Ngày gửi: 21h:59' 05-11-2020
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By: Ken Ta Vl
Unit 4
WARM-UP: Fill in the blank with an appropriate word.
My friend likes photography, and I like it ______.
2. My mother is always as busy ______ a bee.
3. My mother doesn’t enjoy horror films, and my sister doesn’t ______.
4. The music festival this year is as good ______ it was last year.
5. Your taste in art is quite different ______ mine.
6. I love country music, and I like rock and roll ___.
Unit 4:
composer (n)
originate (+ in)(v)
national anthem (n)
curriculum (n)
compulsory (a)
academic (a)
unimportant (a)
nhà soạn (nhạc…)
khởi đầu, bắt nguồn
quốc ca
chương trình giảng dạy
bắt buộc
có tính chất học thuật
không quan trọng
Checking vocabulary
composer (n)
originate (+ in)(v)
national anthem (n)
curriculum (n)
compulsory (a)
academic (a)
unimportant (a)
nhà soạn (nhạc…)
khởi đầu, bắt nguồn
quốc ca
chương trình giảng dạy
bắt buộc
có tính chất học thuật
không quan trọng
1. Music Quiz: What do you know? Work in groups and answer the questions.
1. Who is the composer of Viet Nam’s national anthem Tien Quan Ca?
A. Pham Tuyen B. Van Cao C. Huy Thuc
2. Which of the following is Korean?
A. Mua Sap B. Ballet C. Gangnam Style
3. Who is famous for the song Top of the World?
A. Karen Carpenter B. Celine Dion C. Susan Boyle
4. Which of the following became a World Heritage in 2009?
A. Hat cheo B. Cai luong C. Quan ho Bac Ninh
5. Which of the following is sung in the film Titanic?
A. Que Sera B. My Heart Will Go On
C. Yesterday Once More
6. Which of these bands originated in Liverpool, England?
A. The Carpenters B. The Beatles C. ABBA
2. Read the following passage. In groups, discuss the questions below.
Today, schools in several countries are considering the question of whether subjects like music and arts should be among those in the curriculum. For many people, a good knowledge of music and arts is regarded as a necessity for anyone who wants to be truly educated. Some say that students who are good at music and arts actually do better in more academic subjects like maths and science. However, some people see music and arts as an unimportant part of education since they don’t prepare students for a life of work.
Do you think music and arts should be
compulsory subjects at schools in Viet Nam?
Why or why not?
I don`t think Music and Arts should be compulsory subjects at school. I`d like to explain my choice more clearly. Firstly, students have to learn so many subjects at school now. They must study both at school and at home. This make students life so stressful. Secondly, some students like music and arts but others don`t. Maybe they like outdoor activities such as sports or something else. Therefore Music and Arts shouldn`t be compulsory subjects. However, they should be optional subjects and students should be encouraged to study these subjects as long as they are gifted. We should also appreciate these students. Students who are good at Music and Arts are as the students who are excellent at Maths or Science.
Suggested answer
3. Look at the different subjects below. In groups, make a list from the most useful to the least useful in the space below. How can the top three subjects on your list help you in other areas of school and life?
– Music – Dancing – Singing
– Painting – Photography
Painting helps me to be creative.
Music help me relax after work.
Dancing helps me do exercise and keep fit.
Singing helps me to release stress after working or studying for a long time.
Photography is a joyful entertainment but it doesn`t have important roles in my life.
Yes, through the lesson we have now known some names of famous musicians, actors, actresses, painters, and music bands… We also discuss about why we should or shouldn’t include music and arts in our curriculum at school.
Please tell me what you have learnt today.
See you again!
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