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Unit 4. Music and Arts. Lesson 7. Looking back & project

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Lucky
Ngày gửi: 21h:20' 21-11-2017
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Fill each of the blanks with one suitable word.
My sister likes to watch Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Oggy, and other _________ .
I like science fiction, but I never watch horror, thriller, or war _______ .
My aunt collects __________ by nineteenth century Australian painters.
Old people enjoy traditional, classical or country _______ .
Chris is a very good pianist and can also play a number of other musical ___________ .
Unit 4:
Looking back
1. Match the words in column A with the ones in column B.
2. Put a word from the box in each gap to complete the passage.

Glastonbury is the largest performing arts festival in the world. It is organised every year in the village of Pilton, near Glastonbury, Somerset, England. It is well-known for its contemporary (1) _______. It’s also known for dance, comedy, theatre, circus, and other performing (2) ________ too.
The first festival was held in the 1970s. Since then, it has taken place almost every year and has grown in size. Different (3) _______ are arranged for the performances. The festival takes place for three or four days in the open air. All kinds of people from all over the world (4) ______ to the Glastonbury festival. It is now attended by about 150,000 people. The festival has also produced (5) ______ and albums.
3. Put the words/phrases from the box in the gaps to complete the sentences.

in person
art gallery
1. You can see many interesting portraits in that _________.
2. My friend is very good at drawing things, but I am not as _________ as he is.
3. ________ usually have more than one actor.
4. I love to watch music _________, not on TV.
5. Do you know that the most _________ song in the world is Happy Birthday?
4. Rewrite these sentences, using the words in brackets.
Plays are usually longer than films. (not as…as)
→ Films are usually not as long as plays.
The painting is bigger than the photograph.
(not as … as)
→ _________________________________________
2. This painting is more expensive than my painting.
(not as … as)
→ __________________________________________
3. This picture is the same as the picture in our
room. (not different from)
→ __________________________________________
4. This film is more interesting than the one we saw
last week. (not as … as)
→ __________________________________________
5. The journey was shorter than we thought at first.
(not as … as)
→ __________________________________________
The journey was not as long as we thought at first.
The photograph is not as big as the painting.
My painting is not as expensive as this painting.
This picture is not different from the picture in our room.
The film we saw last week is not as interesting as this one.
5. Complete the following sentences, using `too‘ or `either`.
1. Teenagers in Korea listen to K-pop, and those in
Viet Nam do ______.
2. These photos are not clear, and those aren’t ______.
3. I never watch horror films and my brother doesn’t ______.
4. Peter studies music at school, and Alice does _____.
5. Duong is interested in reading books, and Chau
is ______.
6. Match the questions 1 – 6 with the answers A – F.
1. Work in groups. Look at the following pictures and read the information below.
Dong Ho paintings are made in Dong Ho Village, Bac Ninh Province. They are made by hand and they show animals, legends and everyday life. The paintings are made on traditional paper with beautiful natural colours. They are bought and enjoyed at Tet.
2. Based on the information about Dong Ho paintings and your own ideas, draw a picture of animals or the things around you. Write a few sentences to describe your picture. Think of the following before you start painting.
- Content: (an animal, a tree, a flower, a person …)
- Materials: (pencil, crayon, paper, canvas …)
- Colours: (red, yellow, blue …)
I draw a painting of a cat. I draw it by brushes and paints on the white paper. The cat has three colours: white, yellow and red. It has the long tail and the tail is up to the air. The cat’s a little fat.
Nam draws a pig. The pig is pink and is drawn on the white paper with watercolor. It looks very funny because it has wings.
Lan draws her sister. Her sister is tall and very beautiful. She draws it on canvas with oil colour.
Organise a painting exhibition among the class members. Write a few sentences comparing different paintings.
Nam’s painting is not very different from mine. They’re both about animal. His pig is not as small as my cat. He draws it on the white paper, too.
Lan’s painting is more beautiful than Nam’s and mine, but it’s about person, her sister. She draws it on canvas with oil colour.
- Review all the new words again.
- Review the grammar points: as…as, the same as, different from, too, either.
- Prepare for Unit 5: Getting started, Listen and read.
See you again!
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