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Unit 4. Music and Arts. Lesson 7. Looking back & project

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Warm up:


Write a word or phrase in each blank to go with the given verb

Ex: play: the piano, the violin, the cello
1. draw:

a picture, a girl, a house

2. perform :

a puppet show, a concert, a play


a book, a poem, a song

TV, a film, a football match

- to exhibit (v) /iɡˈzibit/

triển lãm

- exhibition (n) /eksiˈbiʃən/

cuộc triển lãm

-version (n) /'vɜ:∫n/ /'vɜ:ʒn/

bản dịch, lời thoại

- to exhibit (v)

lời thoại,bản dịch

- version (n)

triển lãm

- exhibition (n)

cuộc triển lãm

2 Fill in each blank with a word or phrase from the box to
complete the passage.
exhibition art collections paintings works of art visitors
The Louvre Museum is the world's largest art museum. It is in
Paris, France.It has one of the most impressive(1) art
in history. The museum opened on 10 August 1793 with a(n) (2)
exhibition of 537 paintings. The Louvre Museum now contains
paintings It
more than 380,000 objects, and displays 35,000 (3) __________.
works of art
exhibits sculptures, objects of art, (4)_____________,
and other valuable works. It is the world's most visited museum.
About 25,000 (5) ________come
to see it per day. Most of them
are foreign tourists.


... like ....,
...different from ....,
...(not) as .... as...
... than ..

3/page 48. Complete the sentences, using the words in brackets. add
the necessary
1.I think the Temple of Literature is as ______Quan
old as
Thanh Temple.(old)
differnet from
2.I don't like this film very much. It is _____________ the
book. (different)
more important
3. Some students say maths is ______________ than
music, but I
don't think so. (important)
as good as life in the past.
4.My grandma thinks modern life is not _______
(not / good)

not as easy as thought. (not/easy)
5.Learning to play the guitar is ____________I

4/page 48. Rewrite the sentences, using the given words
1.Playing video games is not as good as exercising. (better)
->Exercising is better than playing video games.

2.Duong's father draws animals better than Duong. (well)
->Duong doesn't draw animals as well as his father.
->Duong can't draw animals as well as his father.

3.This painting is not as valuable as the Mona Lisa. (more)
->The Mona Lisa is more valuable than this painting.

4.David is more artistic than Nick.
-> Nick is not as artistic as David.

(not as)

5.The second version of the play is not different from the first. (like)
->The first version of the play is like the second./The second version of the
play is like the first.



1/page 49. Work in pairs. Look at the invitation below. Talk about
the event (the time, place, show.... )

2/page 49. Work in groups. Imagine that you are going to organise a
music show. Decide on the following:)

-Name of the show:
-Time :
-Place :
-Activities :
- .....

-Do all the exercises 1->4 again
-Make asimilar invitation and present it to the class
-Prepare for new lesson: Unit 5:Getting started.
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