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Unit 1. My hobbies. Lesson 6. Skills 2

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Ngày gửi: 22h:12' 22-09-2021
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Period 6: Skill 2
Friday September 24th 2021

Collecting glass bottles
Period 6: Skill 2
I. Listening:

1.Do you know anything about
collecting glass bottles?
Do you think it is a good hobby?
Why / Why not?
2. Listen to an interview about hobbies. A 4! Teen reporter, Ngoc asks MI about her hobby. Complete each blank in the word web with no more than three words.
1. Name of the hobby.
3. Person who shares the hobby with Mi.
4. To do this hobby you have to:
a) collect bottles after use + get them from
b) make _______vases or _______
c) use them as ______ decorations.
5. Feelings about the hobby.
6. Future: will
2 years ago
collecting bottles
2. Started.
her mom
useful hobby
continue the hobby
Ngoc: Today we’re talking about your hobby, collecting glass bottles. It’s quite unusual, isn’t it?
Mi: Yes, it is.
Ngoc: When did you start your hobby?
Mi: Two years ago. I watched a TV program about this hobby and liked it right away.
Ngoc: Do you share this hobby with anyone?
Mi: Yes, my mum loves it too.
Ngoc: Is it difficult?
Mi: No, it isn’t. I just collect all the beautiful glass bottles after we use them. My grandmother also gives me some.
Ngoc: What do you do with these bottles?
Mi: I can make flower vases or lamps from them. I keep some unique bottles as they are and place them in different places in the house. They become home decorations.
Ngoc: Do you think you’ll continue your hobby in the future?
Mi: Certainly. It’s a useful hobby. It can help save the environment.
Ngoc: Thank you, Mi.
II. Writing:
3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about each other’s hobby. Take notes below.
2. When he/she started the hobby:
3. Who he/she shares it with: _______________
4. To do this hobby you have to:

5. Feelings about the hobby.
6. Future: will
collecting stamps
collecting stamps
5 years ago
Anna from the US
+ Collect stamps from old envelopes / S.O else gives you.
+ Stick them in an album, write down where they come from, when you get them…
interesting hobby
make learning fun, great way to meet people, make new friends and share ideas
Ngoc hobby is collecting stamps.
She started collecting stamps 5 years ago.
Anna,her pen friend from the USA, and some of her classmates share the hobby with her.
To do this hobby:
+ She collects stamps from old envelopes and she gets her father, her relatives and her friends including Anna for stamps.
+ She sticks them in an album.She takes notes of their origins, the dates she gets them…
+ She also exchanges stamps with her classmates.
She thinks collecting stamps is interesting and helpful.
In the future, she will go on to enrich her collection.
Report in front of the class
Topic: Write a paragraph to tell about your favorite hobby.
Model 1: My hobby is collecting stamps. It is also one of the most popular hobbies among children. Children can enjoy this pastime because it is not an expensive hobby.
I started collecting stamps since I was in primary school. My hobby began to influence some of my classmates who started sharing the same hobby with me. I got my father, relatives and friends for letters with stamps and started keeping them in a box. One day I bought my first stamp album with my pocket money that I saved and then I also started exchanging stamps with my classmates. After a few years of collecting, now I have got a rather large collection of stamps.
I myself find collecting stamps interesting and helpful because this hobby helps me understand history, geography or even biology better. That’s why I love collecting stamps, and I will go on to enrich my collection.
Model 2: My hobby is collecting stamps. It is an easy and cheap hobby. It is also very useful and interesting as well.
I started collecting stamps five years ago. Now I have both local and foreign stamps. My father helps me with my hobby. He brings me stamps from the letters he receives from his friends in many different countries. When I get more stamps with the same kind. I exchange them with my friends for new ones. I have two stamp albums now with about 500 stamps. The stamps are in different shapes. Some are square while others are triangular and rectangular. We can learn many things about the customs and cultures of other countries through stamps. There are pictures of great persons, animals, birds, buildings and vehicles on stamps.
I always spend my free time classifying, arranging them and taking notes the origins of the stamps. And I am going to make my collection larger and larger.
Model 3: My hobby is collecting stamps. I feel that my life becomes more meaningful when I have a collection of stamps.
I have been collecting stamps for more than 5 years so I have a great collection now. My hobby got started when I was a little girl. I have always wanted the beautiful pictures on the stamps so I have always kept them whenever I receive a letter from my friends and relatives. At first I collected only local stamps. Some of my relatives went abroad, then my foreign stamps gradually increased. Now I have two albums, one for local and the other for foreign ones. I classify the stamps into categories before putting them into my stamp albums: animals, flowers, birds, landscape, heroes…, each kind on different pages, which makes me more easily look for them. When I have extra stamps of the same kind I often exchange them with my friends to enrich my collection. If I have money, I also go to the post office to buy some valuables ones.
I am very proud of my collection. It helps to broaden my knowledge about the world around me and it is also an effective way to improve my geography, biology and history.
I plan to join the stamp exhibitions to learn from experienced stamp collectors and maybe I can expose my collection at an exhibition in the future.
Model 4: A hobby is an interesting means of spending leisure time. Most people have a hobby, so do I. People may have different hobbies such as listening to music, singing, dancing, photography, reading, playing games, etc. I take great pleasure in stamp collecting.
My hobby started two years ago when a friend of mine showed his stamp collection to me. At first I collect every stamp I get from postal envelopes which I receive. Later my father gives me more. I also exchange stamps with my friends. My uncle who lives in Australia sends me stamps as well. Little by little my collection grows larger. Now I have two albums. I think I have about 300 stamps of all kinds: celebrities, landscapes, animals, plants, events, etc.
Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby and is quite popular among many people today. I love to show the new stamps to my grandfather. He loves stamps too.

+ Write your own favorite hobby.
+ Do exercises E1,2 / page 9 – exercise book.
+ Prepare for Looking back – page 14.
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