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Unit 5. Natural wonders of the word. Lesson 5. Skills 1

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Ngày gửi: 07h:46' 09-02-2022
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Unit 5: Natural wonders of the world
LESSON 5: Skills 1
Lesson 5 : Skills 1
1. Before you read,..
1.Where is the passage from?
-May be from a travel guide book
2. What is it about?
-About travel places in Viet Nam.
3. What do you know about the subject?
- It’s about two famous landscapes in the North and the Central of Viêt Nam
Ha Long Bay is in the Quang Ninh Province.
It has many islands and caves.
The islands are named after things around us!
In the bay you can find Rooster and Hen island(Trong Mai)
and even Man`s Head island (Dau Nguoi island).
You must take a boat ride around the islands-It`s essential!
Tuan Chau is the biggest Island in Ha Long Bay.
Thee you can enjoy great Vietnamese seafood.
You can watch traditioal dance. You can join exciting activities.
Ha Long Bay is Vietnam`s most beautiful natural wonder.
Hue is the oldest city in central Viet Nam. It`s near
Da Nang,but it`s more interesting than Da Nang !
It also has the most famous river in central Viet Nam-
The perfume River. You should take a trip on the river,
and you must visit the Imperial City. There you can
Find museums,galleries , and temples. It`s Hue`s
greatest attraction.But many people travel here just for
Cuisine- the food is really good. It`s rainy in Hue,
so remember to bring an umbrella

2. Find the words in the passage in 1 , Then check their meaning
Assential activities attraction cuisine
Cần thiết / cốt yếu
Điểm Thu hút
Ẩm thực
Những hoạt động
3. True (T) or false (F)
1.In Ha Long Bay , some of the islands look like
people or animals.

2. Boat rides around the bay are not much fun.

3. Ha Long bay is the number one natural wonder
in Viet Nam.

4. The Imperial City is an attraction in Da Nang.

5. Many people know of the Perfume River.
1. Where is Ha Long Bay?
=> It is in Quang Ninh province
2. What must you do in the bay?
=> You must take a boat ride.
3. Which part of a trip to Hue is more important
a visit to the Imperial City or a trip on the river?
=> A visit to the Imperial City is more important.
4. why does the writer say’ the food in Hue is really good?
=> Because people travel here just for the cuisine
4. Answer the questions
Ha Long Bay
Famous river
Bun Bo
Violet Ao dai
Thien Mu Pogado
Islands/ caves
Tuan Chau sland
II. speaking
5. Work in pairs. Make notes
Quang Ninh province
Many Islands, caves, Tuan Chau….
Take a boat ride
Watch traditional
Viet Nam
Near Da Nang
Famous river,
Perfume river, …
Bun Bo
Visit the Imperial City
6. Tell your partner about place
7. Your friends are visiting your town. Think about what they must and mustn`t do while they are there..
A: Is Dam Doi in Ca Mau city?
B: Yes, it is
A: What things must I bring when I go There? Why?
B: A sun hat . Because It is very hot
Write on your notebook the text .
Speak again part 7 in the textbook.
Prepare : Skills 2
See you again
See you again!
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