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Unit 4. Our Customs and Traditions. Lesson 4. Communication

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Người gửi: Van Quang Long
Ngày gửi: 15h:06' 12-10-2016
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Lesson 5: Skills 1
1. Look at the pictures and answer the questions.
What are the people doing in each picture?
Does your family ever do the same things?
A family is celebrating a birthday.
People are making chung cake.
A family is at an amusement park.
Read Mi’s presentation on customs and traditions. Is she writing about her family or her society.
In my opinion, customs and traditions are very important. Like other
families, we have our own customs and traditons.
A. Firstly, there’s a tradition in our family of having lunch together on the second day of Tet. Everyone has to be there before 11 a.m. We have followed this tradition for three generations.
B. Secondly, we have the custom of spending Sunday together. We usually go to the cinema or go for a picnic. We don’t have to do it, but it make us closer as a family.

C. Thirdly, we celebrate our grandparents’s wedding anniversary on the first Sunday of October because they don’t remember the exact date. The custom is that we have to cook a new dish each year. Last year, my Mum cooked lasagne, an Italian dish. This year,we prepare five- coloured sticky rice served with grilled chicken.
We all enjoy these customs and traditions because they provide our family with a sense of belonging.

The name of an Italian dish…………….
The time family members have to gather for lunch……………….
The date of the wedding anniversary………………..
An outdoor activities………………..
The length of time a tradition has existed………………..
The reason for spending time together……………………
3. Now decide in which paragraph each tetail below is mentioned. Write A,B or C in the blank.
they provide our family with
a sense of belonging (B)
3 generations (A)
Go to the cinema (B)
11 a.m (A)
The first Sunday October (C)
Lasagne (C)
1.What are the three customs or traditions Mi mentions?

2. What does Mi’s family usually do on Sundays?

3. What is the date of her grandfarent’s wedding anniversary?

4. What did they make for the grandfarents’ wedding anniversary this year?

5. Why do they love family customs and traditions?

4. Read the text again and answer the questions.
They are: having lunch together on the second day of Tet, spending Sunday
together, and celebrating her grandfarent’s wedding anniversary
They usually go to the cinema or go for a picnic together.
They don’t remember.
They made five- coloured sticky rice serve with grilled chicken.
They love family customs and traditions because they provide
a sense of belonging.
What are the three customs and traditions you like most in your family? Describe hem in detail.
How do you feel when you take part in these customs and traditions?
Why is it important to continue family customs and traditions?
5. Work in pairs and discuss the questions.
6. Interview another pair to get there answers to the questions in 5. Note down their answers in the table below. Then present what you have found out to the class.
-Complete all the exercises in your notebooks
-Do exercises 1,2 (page 32-33 –workbook)
+Ex 1/32 : Choose the correct word marked A,B,C or D to fill each blank in the following e-mail
1-B :of...
+Ex 2 /32-33 : Read different customs for greetings around the world
a.Match the words in A with their meaning in B
b.Look at the pictures and write the name of the country which has the way of greeting shown
-Prepare :Skills 2
Thank you for your attendance!
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