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Unit 04. Our Customs and Traditions. Lesson 7. Looking back - project

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Người gửi: Hoàng Mai Chi
Ngày gửi: 21h:47' 11-11-2018
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Số lượt tải: 88
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Washoku, the traditional culinary culture of Japan is one of the many intangible cultural heritage world recognized by Unesco. And when it comes to this culinary culture, there is no need to introduce so much that every visitor knows two well-known representatives of sushi and tempura.
However, not everyone knows the rules needed to enjoy the unique food from the sunrise. Here are five rules travelers should know to avoid falling into the wrong situation.
1. Do not mix wasabi with soy sauce
Although many restaurants around the world use this method when serving Japanese food, this is not a way for people in the sun to respond. Put the wasabi on a piece of food you want to enjoy and then add it to the soy sauce. This is the best way to use wasabi and soy sauce.
2. Do not overturn the bowl
Overturning the bowl is a sign that many people misunderstand that you have finished the bowl. So let the bowl cover as they were brought to the table by the waiter. Another reason to avoid this is because you will probably break the lid when facing back.
3. Do not pass chopsticks or touch food if you do not intend to pick.
The Japanese avoid picking food and then leaving them and picking up other items. This action is considered a lack of history. Use all the dishes in the meal and choose the dish before picking out chopsticks without knowing what to pick.
4. Do not put chopsticks across the bowl
For many, putting a chopstick across the bowl is a normal way of eating. But in Japan, this is wrong. If you want to put chopsticks down, put them on the chopsticks. In the absence of chopsticks, you can fold the chopsticks into a chopstick. When you do not know how to fold, put the chopsticks on a tray or something similar on the table.
5. Do not use the other end of the chopsticks to pick up the food.
The Japanese avoid using the rest of the chopsticks to pick up food because this is the hand contact, the part is not clean. If you want to grab food with clean chopsticks, ask the waiter to get a new pair of chopsticks.
- Design by: Hoang Mai Chi
- Class : 8A1
- Date : 11/11/2018
5 tablemanners of Japan:
+) Do not mix wasabi with soy sauce.
+) Do not overturn the bowl.
+) Do not pass chopsticks or touch food if you do not intend to pick.
+) Do not put chopsticks across the bowl.
+) Do not use the other end of the chopsticks to pick up the food.
Sunday, November 11th 2018
Hoang Mai Chi
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