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Unit 11. Our greener world. Lesson 4. Communication

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Nguồn: lâm
Người gửi: nguyễn trọng thành
Ngày gửi: 19h:31' 08-04-2021
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Friday, April 09, 2021
Warm up:
Kim’s game: The 3rs
Answer key
làm 1 cuộc khảo sát
thùng rác tái chế
gói (quà, bánh…)
túng thiếu, cần
- to do a survey (v)
- recycling bin (a)
- wrap (v)
- to be in need (exp)
- breeze (n)
cơn gió nhẹ
Checking vocabulary: Gap-fill
1. We should help people who …………….……
2. The woman over there ……….….gifts skillfully.
3. Let’s ………………… about “How green you are”.
4. How about putting ……………………… around the neighbourhood to classify garbage for recycling?
5. The flowers were gently swaying in the .…..……...
are in need.
do a survey
recycling bin
1. The 3Rs Club in your school is doing a survey on how `green` the students are. Help them answer the following questions.
Extra vocabulary
do a survey recycling bin wrap
be in need breeze invite
1. If you find a beautiful old glass, you will ...
A. throw it away because you don’t need it.
B. decorate it to make a flower vase.
C. use it to keep pencils in.
2. If you have a sheet of paper how often will you write on both sides?
A. Sometimes. B. Never. C. Always.
3. When you finish a can of cola, you will ...
A. throw it on the road.
B. put it in the recycling bin.
C. throw it in the nearest bin.
4. If you bring your lunch to school, you will ....
A. take food wrapped in a lot of packaging.
B. put the food in a reusable box.
C. wrap the food in a plastic bag.
5. If you have a lot of old clothes, how often will you give them to those in need?
A. Sometimes. B. Never. C. Always.
6. If it is hot in your room, you will ...
A. open the fridge and stand in front of it.
B. go outside and enjoy the breeze.
C. turn on both the fan and the air conditioner.
7. When you go out of the bedroom, you will ...
A. turn off your computer and all the lights.
B. turn off the lights.
C. leave the computer and the lights on.
8. If you are invited to a birthday party one kilometre from your house, you will ...
A. walk there.
B. ask your parent to drive you there.
C. cycle there.
Now compare your answers with those on page 57 and count the points.
2. Interview a classmate. Compare his / her answers with yours. How many different answers have you got?
Report your classmate’s answers to the class.
Model report:
Hi, guys! I’m Le Quang Teo. I’ve just do the survey “How green are you?” with Nam, and the results are as follows:
Among the eight questions, we have 6 answers in common and two different ones. Nam has got 14 in total 16 marks. I’ve got 15. Both of us are “green”. That’s good. I hope you are as “green” as we are.
3. Work in groups. Think of two more questions to add to the survey.
Share your group’s questions with the class. Vote for the best questions.
1. When you brush your teeth, you will ...
A. always turn off the tap when not use.
B. stay the tap on when not use.
C. let the tap drip.
2. If you bring drinking water with you to class, you will ...
A. always use plastic bags and throw away after use.
B. use plastic bottles and throw away after use.
C. reusable water bottles.
Model questions:
Yes, through the lesson we can can
communicate with others on 3R topic, therefore discover how “green” they are and get to know more ways to practise 3R.
Please tell me what you have learnt today.
- Learn by heart the new words.
- Think of the ways you are “green”.
- Prepare for Unit 11: SKILLS 1.
See you again!
the end
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