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Unit 03. Peoples of Viet Nam. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Trần Anh Thư
Ngày gửi: 17h:19' 02-10-2016
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Unit 3: Peoples of Viet Nam
Lesson 1: Getting started
Duong & Nick: Good morning.
Guide: Good morning. Can I help you?
Nick: Yes, we’d like to know something about the cultural groups of Viet Nam.
Duong: Right. Is it true that there are 54 ethnic groups in our country?
Guide:  Exactly.
Nick:  How interesting! I’m curious about them now. Which group is the largest?
Guide:  Well, the Viet (or Kinh) have the largest number of people, accounting for about 86% of the population. 53 others are called `ethnic minority peoples’.
Nick:  And where do they live?
Guide:  All over the country. Some groups like the Tay, Hmong, Yao… live mostly in the mountainous regions in the north, and the Cham, Khmer, Ede… live in the Central Highlands and some southern provinces.
Nick:  I see. And do they speak their own languages?
Guide:  Yes, and they have their own ways of life, and customs and traditions.
Nick:  That’s awesome! I’d like to find out more about them.
Guide:  OK. I’ll show you round and tell you some interesting…
~~ At the Museum of Ethnology ~~
a, Find the opposite of these words in the conversation.
1. boring
2. smallest
4. northern
3. majority
b, Read the conversation again and answer the questions.
1. Where are Duong and Nick?

2. What do they want to know?

3. How many ethnic groups are there in Viet Nam?

4. Which ethnic group has the largest population?

5. Do the ethnic minority peoples have their own customs and traditions?
 ___________________________________
They are in the Museum of Ethnology.
There are 54 (ethnic groups).
The Viet (or Kinh) have the largest population.
They want to know about the ethnic groups of Viet Nam.
Yes, they do.
c, Can you find the following expressions in the conversation? Try to explain what they mean.
1. Exactly
2. How interesting!
4. That’s awesome!
3. I see

Used as a reply, agreeing with that sb has just said, or emphasising that it is correct
How + adj / adv: used to show a strong reaction to sth

Used to show you understand that someone said

Used to show that you think something is great
d, Work in pairs. Use facts from the conversation to make short role-plays using the expressions in c.
Some groups live in mountainous regions.
How interesting!
Can you use How + other adjectives in your conversation?
2. Use the words and phrases in the box to label each picture.
five-coloured sticky rice
open-air market
stilt house
folk dance
musical instrument
terraced fields
1. ____________________
3. __________________
2. __________________
five-coloured sticky rice
terraced fields
8. __________________
7. __________________
6. __________________
5. __________________
4. __________________
stilt house
musical instrument
open-air market
folk dance
3. Complete the following sentences with the words and phrases in the box.
heritage site
stilt houses
terraced fields
1. In our country, it is against the law to discriminate against any __________ or religious group.
2. My Son in Quang Nam Province has been recognised by UNESCO as a world ____________.
3. ____________ have been popular among many of Viet Nam’s ethnic groups for a long time.
4. Lunar January is the time for important __________ in the whole country, especially in the north.
5. The exhibition building of the Museum of Ethnology was designed by the architect Ha Duc Linh, a __________ of the Tay ethnic group.
6. The _______________ of Sa Pa have entered in the Top 11 most beautiful terraces in the world, according to Touropia.
heritage site
Stilt houses
terraced fields
Work in pairs. Ask and answer, using these cues.
Which/ smallest population?
The Odu group.
The Hmong/ own language?
Where/ the Coho/ live?
Lam Dong Province.
What colour/ the Nung’s clothing?
Dark indigo.
Which/ larger population/ the Tay or the Thai?
The Tay.
Whose arts/ displayed/ a museum/ Da Nang?
The Cham’s.
Which ethnic group has the smallest population?
Do the Hmong have their own language?
Where do the Coho live?
What colour is the Nung’s clothing?
Which group has a larger population, the Tay or the Thai?
Whose arts are displayed at a museum in Da Nang?
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