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Unit 8. Celebrations

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(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Đỗ Thúy Hằng
Ngày gửi: 15h:30' 10-06-2021
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Welcome to our class
A.On her mother`s birthday ,Huyen made a beautiful cake to celebrate
Mother :.........
Huyen :.........

B.Tuan is an active student.He has taken part in different charity activities in his town.Tuan has been nominated as the most activist in the town charity program.
Tuan :...............................

C.Hoa brings to class a new picture she has painted.
Hoa: .........................
Christmas Christmas
Fathers day
Lunar New year
On the third Sunday of June.
To honor fathers, to give thanks
and to give presents or cards.
It is celebrated in many countries such as
Australia, the USA.

Lesson 3: Read
Unit 8: Celebrations
Tuesday, April 28th, 2020
Jane (USA)
Rita( Australia)
tear (n):
priority (n):
terrific (adj)
hug (n, v):
giọt nước mắt
sự/quyền ưu tiên
ôm, cái ôm
phân biệt
= wonderful :
distinguish (v)
tuyệt vời
groom :(n ) =
chú rể
considerate :(adj )
chu đáo ,ân cần
generous :(adj )
rộng lượng
lose heart (v) :
nản lòng, mất niềm tin
1. Vocabulary
2. Reading
Rita (Australia)
To the one who teaches me how to love, cry and laugh.
To the one who says never lose heart and always finish what you start.
To the one whose feelings for me are so strong that the word love can`t describe them.
Can you guess who it is?
It`s not too hard to tell ...

Jane (USA)
Daddy, I am writing this to tell you how much you are missed and loved.I will always remember that day - my wedding day.You were standing there with tears in your eyes while I was walking towards my groom.You gave me a hug, and the feeling that you never wanted to let me go.But at last I had to leave you and start my new life ... a moment in time that lasted forever.I now have children, Dad, but I will always be your little girl!Happy Father`s Day.

Bob (Australia)                         
You ask me what I think about my dad.Great! Great! I must tell you my dad is the best person in the world.Do you know what I mean?He is a considerate and generous man who is loved not only by his family but also by all his friends.His priority is always his family.His sense of humor distinguishes him from others.In a word, my dad`s terrific!I`m so proud of him and love him so much.Happy Father`s Day, Daddy!
Bob’s father
Jane’s father
Rita’s father
Bob’s father

7. Why will Jane always remember her wedding day?

2. Is Jane’s father alive or dead? How do you know ?

3.What quality makes Bob’s father different from others ?


5. What does Rita’s father teach her?

6. MARK 10

1.Who do you think Rita sends this card to ?

8. What image of a father can you draw from the three passages ?

He is possibly dead. … “ how much you are missed and loved….I now have children, Dad”
A father as a teacher, a caretaker, a friend,…
His sense of humor distinguishes him from others.
He teaches her how to love, cry and laugh.
Because her Dad cried and gave her a hug on that day
- To her father.
Lucky spins
Answer the questions
a. Who do you think Rita sends this card to?

b. Is Jane’s father alive or dead? How do you know this?

c. What quality makes Bob’ father different from others?

d. What image of a father can you draw from the three passages?
 A father as a teacher, a caretaker, a friend, or an ideal
 To her father
 He is possibly dead: “ How much you are missed..., I now have children, Dad,….”
 His sense of humor.
Tell about your father:
My father is a------------ . He is--------- . For me, he is a great man . He is ………

What does he do?
What is he like?
What do you like best about him?
Which memories have you had about him?
Father`s Day
The third Sunday in June
Mother`s Day
The second Sunday in May (USA)
The middle of March (UK)

Learn the new words by heart.
2. Reading the text again and answer the questions.
3. Prepare for the next lesson: LF 1,2
4. Write a short passage about your father.

Thank You!
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