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Unit 10. Nature in danger

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Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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Người gửi: Phạm Đình Quốc Việt
Ngày gửi: 22h:21' 28-01-2013
Dung lượng: 5.1 MB
Số lượt tải: 844
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Watch the video clip and then answer the questions
1. What is the video clip about?
2. What does it impact the environment?
I. Pre-reading
Read the facts about endangered species and discuss the questions:
1. What do you understand the facts above?
2. Can you explain why the numbers of these animals have become small?
Siberian tiger

affect (v)
pollutant (n)
consequence (n)
rare (a)
extinct (a), extinction (n)
effort (n)
endangered (a)
interfere (v) interference (n)
co-exist (v)
tác động, chi phối
chất gây ô nhiễm
hậu quả
hiếm, quí
tuyệt chủng
sự nỗ lực
bị đe dọa
can thiệp
cùng tồn tại

Affect (v) /9fekt/
Pollutant (n) /p9lu:tnt/
Consequence (n) /kɔnsikw9ns/
Rare (a) /r&/
Extinct (a), extinction (n) /iksti7kt/
Effort (n) /ef9t/
Endangered (a) /indeinJ9d/
Interference (n) /int9f^r9ns/
Co-exist (v) /k!igzist/
II. While-reading
Read the passage and answer the questions below:
1. How many consequences are there in the passage?
2. Do people take any measure to protect the environment?
II. While-reading
Task 1: Vocabulary understanding
Dinosaurs became ____________ millions of years ago.
She tried to_____________ herself from the wind.
This species of bird is __________ in numbers every year
The chemical__________from cars and factories make the air, water and soil dangerously dirty.
The blue Whale is a (an)_______________species.
Because of the________________of human beings, many animals have become extinct.

Task 2: Answer the following questions.
1. What are four ways by which human beings are changing the world?
2. What are the serious consequences of people’s interference with the environment?
3. What has been done to protect endangered nature?
1. Four ways by which people are changing the world
building cities and villages.
using water for industry and agriculture.
cutting down trees in forests.
adding pollutants like smoke from factories and fumes from automobile motors
2. The serious consequences of people’s interference with the environment are:
Many kinds of animals are killed.
The environment where these animals are living is badly destroyed.
The numbers of rare animals are decreasing so rapidly that they are in danger of becoming extinct.
3. Many things should be done to preserve endangered nature :
Scientists have made lists of endangered species and suggested ways to save them
Many organizations have been set up and money has been raised.
Thousands of national parks have been established.
Laws have been passed to prohibit killing endangered animals and the destruction of the environments.
Task 3: Circle A, B, C or D that best states the main idea of each paragraph
1. Paragraph 1
A. Human beings need to grow food.
B. Human beings pollute the environment.
C. Human beings interfere with nature.
D. People should stop living in cities
and villages.
Task 2: Circle A, B, C or D that best states the main idea of each paragraph
2. Paragraph 2
A. Many animals are disappearing.
B. Human beings are responsible for the changes in the environment

C.People are in danger of becoming extinct.

D. Human race is also an endangered species.
Task 2: Circle A, B, C or D that best states the main idea of each paragraph
3. Paragraph 3
A. Human beings have made efforts to protect the environment.

B. Scientists have made a long list of endangered species.
C. People should be kept away from animals and plants.

D. Rare animals do not disappear.
Task 2: Circle A, B, C or D that best states the main idea of each paragraph
4. Paragraph 4
A. The survival of endangered species.
B. The earth - a happy planet.
C. Conditions for a peaceful co
D. People’s interference with the environment.

III. Post-reading: Fill each blank one word
Human beings have a great………………on the rest of the world. They are changing the environment in all respects through their actions and by their habits. This has resulted in two………………… Efforts have been made to protect the environment in which they live. Many ………………..species have been listed and organizations have been established as well. If people’s …....................with the environment decreases, more species will survive and produce offspring. Human beings, animals and plants peacefully………………
co-exist endangered consequences interference influence
Home work
1. Learn the new words by heart
2. Redo the exercises
3. Prepare the next: Speaking
Thank you for your attention!
Endangered (a)
I’m an endangered deer
Extinct (a)
Dinosaurs became extinct millions years ago.
Pollutant (n)
CO2 from smoke is a kind of pollutant
rare (a)
Koala is a rare animal
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