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Review 2 . (4-5-6). Lesson 1. Language

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Người gửi: Vũ Đình Hùng
Ngày gửi: 12h:32' 22-12-2017
Dung lượng: 286.7 KB
Số lượt tải: 725
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Welcome to English Class 6
Let’s learn English !
Unit 6
Duc Chanh Secondary School
Teacher: Vũ Đình Hùng
LANGUAGE- Pronunciation
Unit 6: REVIEW
1. Read these tongue twisters.
1. A cheap ship trip.
2. Mr Tongue Twister will list the best forests to visit.
3. We surely shall see the sun shine soon.
1. big __________
2. Quiet __________
3. expensive __________
4. High __________
5. Happy __________
6. Cold __________
7. important __________
8. Long __________
9. polluted __________
10. interesting __________
2. Find in the box the opposites of the words. Write them in the spaces provided.
clean hot
sad low
3. Choose the correct word for each of the definitions.
Unit 6: REVIEW
1. An area of approximately square-shaped land in a city or a town, often including the buildings that surround it. square/supermarket
2. The first person visiting your house at Tet. relative/first footer
3. Water, especially from a river or stream, dropping from a higher to a lower point, sometimes from a great height. waterfall/lake
4. A building, or a room in a building, where you can buy goods or get services. school/shop
5. A building where objects of historical, scientific or artistic interest are kept. theatre/museum
6. An area, often covered with sand or rocks, where there is very little rain and not many plants. desert/rocks
7. To hope or express hope for another person’s success or happiness or pleasure on a particular occasion. wish/greet
8. Children often receive it in red envelopes at Tet. lucky money/new clothes
9. A raised part of the Earth’s surface, much larger than a hill. forest/mountain
4. Write the words in bold from 3 in the correct group.
Places in a village, city or town: _____________

2. Natural wonders: _________________________

3. New Year festivals: ________________________
Unit 6: REVIEW
square, supermarket, school, shop, theatre, museum
desert, rocks, forest, mountain
wish, greet, lucky money, new clothes
5. Rewrite the sentences, using the comparative or superlative of the adjectives in 2 above, without changing the meaning.
1. Sweden is much colder than Viet Nam
→ Viet Nam is ________________.
2. The Andes is longer than all the other mountain ranges in the world.
→ The Andes is the ________________.
3. A motorbike is often cheaper than a car.
→ A car is often ________________.
4. Hoi An is quieter than Ho Chi Minh City.
→ Ho Chi Minh City is ________________.
5. The air in the countryside is often cleaner than that in the city.
→ The air in the city is often _______________.
6. Ba Be Lake is bigger than all the other natural lakes in Viet Nam.
→ Ba Be Lake is the _____________.
Unit 6: REVIEW
Much hotter than Sweden
longest mountain ranges in the world
These are some tips from CEOP, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, a UK police agency (www., about Internet safety. Choose should or shouldn’t to complete the sentences.
Unit 6: REVIEW
When you’re going online, creating your webpage, or chatting with someone on the Internet …
• You (1) should/shouldn’t remember that people you don’t know are strangers. You (2) should/ shouldn’t remember that not everyone is who they say they are.
• You (3) should/shouldn’t keep your personal information private. You (4) should/shouldn’t
give away your secrets, like where you live or the school you go to …
• You (5) should/shouldn’t be nice to each other online.
• If you feel worried about something happening online, you (6) should/shouldn’t tell an adult you trust.
7.Complete the text with will/won’t
This year we (1. be) ________ at home for the New Year. It (2. be) ________ different! We (3. celebrate) ________ Tet in Singapore, where we (4. spend) ________ three days in the city and two days in Sentosa. Mum says we (5. visit) ________ Universal Studios, and have a Night Safari at the zoo. Do you know what it is? We (6. take) ________ a tram ride and see the tigers and lions right beside us! We (7. go) ________ to Chinatown to see how the Chinese there celebrate the New Year. We (8. cook) ________ banh chung this year - I (9. miss) ________ it, but I’m sure we (10. have) ________ lots of fun!
Unit 6: REVIEW
won’t be
will be
will celebate
will spend
will visit
will take
will go
won’t cook
will miss
will have
Everyday English
Unit 6: REVIEW
8. Choose the best replies for the questions
1. What shall we do this afternoon?
2. It’s your bicycle, isn’t it?
3. They’ll go abroad next year, won’t they?
4. Shall we walk there?
5. Can you tell me the way to the library please?
a. Let’s play football.
b. No, let’s take the bus. It’s coming.
c. No, it isn’t. Mine is over there.
d. Certainly. Go straight, then turn left…
e. They’re playing football outside.
f. Yes, they will

Learn by heart all the new words and structures.
Do the exercise again
Prepare for the next part
Unit 6: OUR TET HOLIDAY - (Skills 2)
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