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Review 3. (7-8-9). Lesson 2. Skills

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Người gửi: Helio Michael
Ngày gửi: 19h:43' 08-03-2018
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Welcome to our class!

Period 77: Review 3
Lesson 2: Skills

Oscar statuette

Task 1: Read the passage. Match the headings in the box with the paragraphs.

Step 1: Read the headings first
Step 2: Read the paragraph quickly
Step 3: Find the main point of each paragraph by finding topic sentence
A. 2 B. 3 C.1
Task 2: Read the passage again and answer the questions.
1. When were The Oscars first organised?
=> They were first organised in 1929.
2. What are the awards named after?
=> They are named after the Oscar statuette.
3. Who is Cedric Gibbons?
=> He is the person who designed/ He designed the Oscar statuette.
4. Who received the first Oscar statuette?
=> Emil Jannings received the first Oscar statuette.
5. What is the Best Picture prize?
=> It is the prize for/ given to the best film.

Task 3: Work in groups. Discuss the following questions.

1. Which actors and actresses you know have
been awarded an Oscar?

Tom Hanks
Christoph Waltz
Sean Penn
Daniel Day Lewis
Marlon Brando
Robert De Niro
Katharine Hepburn
Hilary Swank
Ingrid Bergman
Cate Blanchett

2. Why do you think The Oscars are important to actors and actresses?
Because this award can bring them glory, fame and a lot of money.
It also helps them have more roles in famous films.

Task 4: Mi and Nick visit Ms Hoa at home. Listen to their conversation. Write T (true) or F (false).

1. Mi and Nick have been to Ms Hoa’s house before.
=> Because Mrs Hoa said: It’s the first time you’ve come to my house, isn’t it?
They saw some pictures in an album.
=> Because the photos are on the wall.
3. Nick has been to the Tulip Festival in Holland.
Ms Hoa went to the Tulip Festival last September.
Ms Hoa’s son is in Melbourne.
Task 5: Listen to the conversation again. Who did the following things? Tick (√) the appropriate column. Sometimes you may need to tick both.

In your reply email, you should answer these questions:
What kinds of transport to use: bus, bicycle or taxi?
Do you agree with Mai’s idea that you and she will go there by bicycle?
On the way back from the festival, do you want to visit Mai’s grandmother with her?

Do exercises on workbook.
Review unit 7, 8, 9.
Prepare for the 45 test.
Complete the email in task 6 and submit in next lesson.
See you again!





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