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Review 4. Unit 10-11-12. Lesson 1. Language

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Ex2. Write the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the passage.
I always wanted to be a great (1. science). I dreamt of discovering a new drug that would save the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, I was not good at (2. chemist)  at school and I kept making horrible mistakes and the teacher got frustrated with me. After some time, I decided I would become an (3. invent)  and design an amazing new product which would become famous. My parents were encouraging but told me to be a little more practical and not quite so (4. ambition) . A few weeks later, I had a brilliant idea for a pen that would pronounce a word when you wrote it down. But I became (5. happy)  when a friend told me that it was not a new (6. invent) .
1. scientist
3. inventor
4. ambitious
5. unhappy
6. invention
Reported speech

S + said (that) S+ V(past...)
Ex: “ This is my new friend” Lan said
Lan said that was her new friend
S + asked O + Wh/ How + S+ V(past...)
S + asked O + If/ whether + S+ V(past...)
Ex: “ Do you like apples, Linh ?” Lan asked
Lan asked Linh If/ whether she liked apples
Lena said: “I enjoy chatting on the phone with my friends.”
=> Lena said that she enjoyed chatting on the phone with her friends.
2. The teacher said: “A communication breakdown may happen due to cultural differences.”
=> The teacher said that a communication breakdown might happen due to cultural differences.
3. “What might the inhabitants of Jupiter look like?” Duong said.
Duong asked me / us what the inhabitants of Jupiter might look like
4. Chau said: “Will we still have traffic jams in 30 years` time?”
=> Chau asked if we would still have traffic jams in 30 years` time.
5. “I`ve read a book about life on other planets,” Phuc told me.
=> Phuc told me that he had read a book about life on other planets
Ex3.  Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech.

Ex 4. Match the questions in the first column with their answers in the second column.
Ex4. Matching
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