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Unit 12. Robots. Lesson 3. A closer look 2

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Ngày gửi: 06h:24' 09-04-2017
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Unit 12
1. What could you do when you were in year 5?

2. Could you ride a bike when you were in year 5?

3. Could you swim at the age of 4?

We use will be able to to talk about ability in the future
I. Grammar
S + will be able to + V
a) Affirmative
b) Negative
S + won`t be able to + V
c) Interrogative
Will + S + be able to + V?
Short answer
Yes, S + will
No, S + won’t

Digital Camera

58 cm

Speech Synthesis

Gripping hands


Emotional Expression

Speech Recognition
II. Practice
1. will be able to / In 2030, / robots / do many things like humans/.
Task 1. Put the words in the correct order.
2. be able to / Will robots / talk to us then /?
3. won`t be able to / Robots/ play football /.
4. be able to / robots / Will / recognise our faces /?
In 2030, robots will be able to do many things like humans.
Will robots be able to talk to us then?
Robots won`t be able to play football.
Will robots be able to recognise our faces?
Task 2. Will you be good at English when you are in Year 8?
I will be able to read an English book when I am in year 8
Task 3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about the activities in 2
Task 4. Fill the gaps with can, can`t, could, couldn`t, will be able to or won`t be able to.
In the past, robots _______ teach in classes, but they can now.
Robots can`t talk now. In 2030, they ____________ talk to people.
Mr. Van _____ run very fast when he was young. Now he ____
In 2030, robots will be able to talk to us, but they _____________ do more complicated things.
My little sister is very clever. She ____ already read some words.
will be able to
won`t be able to
Task 5. Complete the sentences. Use will be able to, can, could, and the verbs from the box.
This robot _____________________ our faces when the scientists improve it.
Home robots are more useful today - they _________ the bed.
Even in the past, robots _________ the laundry.
Now, robots __________ the house. When there`s a problem, they send a message to our mobile.
Task 6. Work in pairs. Look at the information from the table
below and tell your partner what Kitty could do in the
past, can do now and will be able to do in the future.
* Choose the best answer.
1. Mrs Lan..................swim well when she was ten.
a. could b. can c. is d. is able to
2. Will you able to speak English well when you are 20?
a. Yes, I am b. Yes, I will c. No, I will d. No, I`m not
3. What …. you do now?
a. are b. can c. is d. could
4. Robots will be able to… people in the future.
a. talks b. talking c. to talk d. talk
5. My sister many things like humans in the future.
a. did b. will be able to c. was d. could
- Learn by heart Vocabulary.
- Prepare “Skills 1”.
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