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Unit 07. Traffic. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Ngày gửi: 20h:24' 10-01-2019
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Look at the pictures and write the names of things
Bike/ bicycle
Means of transport
Unit 7: Traffic
Lesson 1: Getting started
1. Vocabulary
(to) ride a bike = (to) cycle:
rode (past)
(to) go on foot = (to) walk:

used to :

Traffic jam (n)
đạp xe
Đi bộ
Đã từng
Sự tắc đường
3. Match a verb on the left with a means of transport on the right.
There may be more than one correct answer.
Add a preposition when necessary.
1. ride
2. drive
3. fly
4. sail
5. get on
6. get off
a. a train
b. a boat
c. a bus
d. a bike
e. a car
f. a plane
1-d. ride a bike
2-e. drive a car
3-f. fly by plane
4-b. sail on/in a boat
5. get on a bus/ a train/ a bike/a car
6. get off a bus/ a train/ a bike/ a car
Then make your own sentences with these phrases.
1-d: My father taught me how to ride a bike.
I ride a bike to school every day.
2. a. Read the conversation again and choose the correct answer.
What did Mai do yesterday afternoon?
A. She stayed at home with her brother.
B. She rode her bike around the lake.
C. She walked around the lake.
2. Oanh says that it’s healthy to ……………..
A. cycle B. walk C. stay home
3. Mai used to go to school ……………….
A. by car B. on foot C. by bicycle
4. Mai and Oanh agree to go cycling ……………
A. tomorrow B. every day C. at the weekend

2. b. Answer the following questions.
What did Mai do on Sunday morning?

How far is it from Mai’s house to school?

Who does Mai usually go to school with?

Why does it sometimes take Mai longer to get to school?

How does she get to school when her dad is busy?

It’s about two kilometres.
She stayed at home and played with her brother.
She usually goes to school with her dad.
Because sometimes there are traffic jams.
She goes to school by bike.
2. c. Can you find the following expressions in the conversation?
Do you know what they mean?

2. Great idea

Can’t wait

: này – to get someone’s attention
: ý kiến hay
when you strongly support or agree with s.t
: không thể chờ được
very excited and keen to do s.t
Example: Nick: Hey, Phong.
How about cycling to school with me tomorrow?
Phong: Great idea. Can you come to my house at 6.30?
Nick: Ok, Phong. I can’t wait! See you then.
4. Find someone in your class who never ………….
A: Do you walk to school?
B: Yes, I do./ No, I don’t
A: How often do you walk to school?
B: I (sometimes/ never/ …) walk to school.
Learn by heart new words.
Read again the conversation.
Write sentences using phrases in Ex3-P7.
Prepare A closer look 1 for next period.
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