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    Unit 11. Science and Technology. Lesson 7. Looking back - project

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    Tham khảo cùng nội dung: Bài giảng, Giáo án, E-learning, Bài mẫu, Sách giáo khoa, ...
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    Người gửi: Đỗ Kim Phụng
    Ngày gửi: 05h:51' 19-04-2018
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    1. My friend said he really enjoyed doing (science) _____________ experiments and finding out how things worked.
    2. Production of these chemicals causes serious (environment)________________  pollution.
    3. There have been major new (develop) ____________  in space research and satellite technology.
    4. It is known that new scientific (discover)__________ are being made all the time.
    5. It seems (natural)___________  for a child to spend so much time by himself or herself.
    1. Write the correct form of the words in brackets.
    Transport, education, medicine…..
    Science and technology:
    3. Complete the word web…
    Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of the world. He was responsible for more than one thousand (1) ____________ including the electric light bulb and the record player. He also created the world’s first industrial research (2) ____________ 
    Edison was born in 1847 in Ohio, USA. When he was 10 years old, he set up a small laboratory after he had read a (3)________ book his mother showed him. In 1869, he borrowed some money and began to make inventions. In 1876 he built a new laboratory so that he could spend all his time (4)_____________. He planned to turn out minor inventions every ten days and a ‘big trick’ every six months. He developed many devices that brought great (5) ____________ to people’s life. He once said that the value of an idea lay in the using of it. Edison died in 1931, after having a remarkably (6) ___________ life.
    4. Change the sentences into repoted speech.
    1.“They are doing an experiment.”
    =>He said that __________________________________.
    2.“You have to sign the paper again.”
    =>She told me __________________________________
    3.“We watched a television documentary on the future of nuclear power.”
    =>Tam said _______________________________________________
    4.“The 10 o’clock flight to Kuala Lumpur will be an hour late.”
    =>They announced __________________________________________
    5.“In 50 years’ time we may be living on the moon.”
    =>Scientists said that _____________________________________________
    they were doing an experiment.
    that in 50 years’ time we might be living on the moon.
    that I had to sign the paper again.
    that they had watched a television documentary on the future of nuclear power.
    that the 10 o’clock flight to Kuala Lumpur would be an hour late.
    5. Rewrite these sentences in direct speech.
    → She said, “I’m reading a science fiction book about life on Venus.”
    Louise told me that he had rung me the night before.
    → Louise: “I rang you last night.”
    1. Kien said that he had missed the train.
    → Kien said, “I missed/ have missed the train.”
    2. Duong said that he could run very fast.
    → Duong said, “I can run very fast.”
    3. Mia told me that she would hand in the report the next day.
    →“I’ll hand in the report tomorrow,” Mia told me.
    4. She said that she was reading a science fiction book about life on Venus.
    →“I’ll be a lawyer when I grow up,” he told me.
    5. He told me he would be a lawyer when he grew up.
    6. Write one prediction…
    Education/ food/ leisure/ energy/ home life/ transport/ communication
    Example: In transport, we will probably travel faster and further in flying cars and spaceships.
    -solar energy all year round
    -no schools, lessons on the Net
    -nutrition pills instead of normal food
    -5D-cinema at homehome
    -security protection with cameras
    -entertainment centre at home
    -smart phone app

    Finished! Now I can...✔✔✔✔✔✔
    ● talk about the roles of science and technology
    ● use future tenses
    ● use reported speech
    ● pronounce words starting with un- and im- correctly in isolation and in sentences
    ● write a paragraph to express agreement/ disagreement about the roles of science and technology

    Young InventorsJohn J. Stone-Parker 
    John J. Stone-Parker is one of the youngest inventors in the world. While still a small child, John was very fond of creating new things. He saw that his dad had trouble every time he had a drink with ice cubes in it, so John came up with the idea of creating a star-shaped device that would prevent the ice cubes from slipping out of the glass. He patented this object when he was just four years old in 1989.
    1. What was John J. Stone-Parker’s invention?
    2. Do you think that his invention was useful?

    Practice listening
    Write again
    Do exercise part E in workbook
    Prepare the Looking back and project.
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