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Unit 1. Friendship

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Người gửi: Phan Thi Thach (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 16h:23' 15-08-2009
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What do you think about friendship?
It’s necessary/ important.
We need it./ We can’t live without it….
Acquaintance (n) : người quen biết
Common (a) : chung(cho tất cả)
Incapable (a) : bất tài, kém cỏi
Quality (n) : phẩm chất
Unselfishness (n) : không ích kỉ
Constancy (n) : sự kiên định
-> constant (a)
7. Loyalty (n) : lòng trung thành
8.Suspicion (n) : sự nghi ngờ
9. Intimate (v) : báo cho biết
10. Exist (v) : tồn tại
Task1: fill each blank with a suitable word/ phrase
Good friendship should be based on ……………
2. The children seem to be ………………………… working quietly by themselves.
3. He is a(n) ……………………. man. He always helps people without thinking of his own benefit.
4. A(n) …………………………..is a person one simply knows.
5. You cant always insist on your own way- there has to be some ……………………….
6. Despite many changes in his life, he remained …………………… his working principles.
7. He started to get ………………………..when she told him that she had been to Britain for many times.
incapable of
loyal to
Task 2: answer the questions
What is the first quality of true friendship and what does it tell you?
Why are changeable and uncertain people incapable of true friendship?
What is the third quality for true friendship and what does it tell you?
Why must there be a mutual trust between friends?
Why can’t people who talk too much keep a friend long?
What is the last quality for true friendship and what does it tell you?

The first quality for true friendship is unselfishness. It tells us that a person who is concerned only with his own interests and feelings cannot be a true friend.

2. Changeable and uncertain people are incapable of true friendship because they take up an interest with enthusiasm, but they are soon tired of it, and they feel the attraction of some new object.

3. The third quality for true friendship is loyalty. It tells us that the two friends must be loyal to each other, and they must know each other so well that there can be no suspicions between them.

5. Talkative people can’t keep a friend long because they can’t keep a secret, either of their own or of others’.

6. The last quality for true friendship is sympathy. It tells us that to be a true friend you must sympathize with your friend. Where there’s no mutual sympathy between friends, there’s no true friendship.

4. There must be a mutual trust between friends because if not, people cannot feel safe when telling the other their most intimate secrets
Task3: choose the main idea

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Conditions of true friendship
Features of a good friend
Friends and acquaintances.
Why do we need to have friends?
To have a friendship we should………./ shouldn’t…………
be helpful
 be too selfish
 borrow a lot of money
 be talkative
 pay attention to your friend when he/ she is in difficult situation
 believe too much in rumours
 be faithful

Learn lesson
Prepare for part B. Speaking

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