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Unit 10. Conservation

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Người gửi: Ngô Thanh Bình
Ngày gửi: 13h:51' 16-11-2008
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Name the animals below
Unit 10: Conservation

I/ Before you read
II/ While you read
1/ Task 1
2/ Task 2
3/ Task 3
III/ After you read

1/ What happened with the forest
and animals?
2/ Do we need to protect animals
and forests?

I. Before you read

II. While you read
plant and animal variety : C¸c loµi thùc vËt, ®éng vËt
cancer (n) : BÖnh ung th­
damage (v) : Ph¸ ho¹i
pass a law (n) : Th«ng qua mét ®¹o luËt

Defence (n) : B¶o vÖ
Vegetation (n) : Thùc vËt, c©y cèi
erosion (n) :Sù sãi mßn
New words:
medicine (n) : Thuèc
constant (a) : Th­êng xuyªn
Hydroelectric dam
eliminate (v)
Loss of forest
Listen to the tape
1. Task 1

Match the word in A with a suitable definition in B


1. eliminate
2. circulation
3. run – off
4. hydroelectric
a. the movement of something around a closed system
b. concerning or producing electricity by the power of falling water
c. remove or get rid of completely
d. liquid which flows off or from something
2. Task 2








1. Each year about fifty hundred species of plants and animals are eliminated.

2. Many kind of plants could be used to treat various dangerous diseases.

3. Water can be held on land by vegetation

4. Man is constantly doing harm to the environment

5. Plants may cause floods and erosion

6. We can do nothing to save the earth
Decide whether the following statements are True or false
3. Task 3
Choose the most suitable main idea for each paragraph

Paragraph A:
3. Forest give us a lot of valuable
Paragraph B:
4. Vegetation can help conserve water
Paragraph C:
2. Let’s do something to save our earth

III. After you read
Match the pictures with the sentences below
then tell the class the results of destroying the forest and the solutions.
If forests continue destroying, people won’t have water to live.
2. Destroying the forest can cause the food.
3. A lot of plants and animals are eliminated each year.
4. Loss of forest is destroying our earth.

2.Destroying the forest can cause the flood
1. If forests continue destroying, people won’t have water to live
4. Loss of forest is destroying our earth
3. A lot of plants and animals are eliminated each year
- Ban cutting down trees
Ban hunting the animals
Punish people who cut down trees
and hunt the forest
Put rubbishes in the right place
Plant trees
Learn all you can about the forest

ảnh hưởng của việc tàn phá rừng đối với
môi trường và cuộc sống của con người.

- Các giải pháp để bảo vệ môi trường


- Read the paragraph again

- Prepare Unit 10/ speaking

Let’s play a game
What do we have to do to protect our earth?
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