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Unit 7. The mass media

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Người gửi: Trần Thụy Bảo Trâm
Ngày gửi: 22h:39' 17-11-2008
Dung lượng: 1.9 MB
Số lượt tải: 36
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Welcome to our class!
Good morning
 Warm up: Guess the words
Answer the questions to guess the pictures behind the questions

What is it?
Picture 1: We can listen to the news but we can`t see it.
Picture 2: Hoa Hoc Tro, Nhan Dan, Muc Tim, An Ninh ... are called .....
Picture 3:Where can we see the game show such as Tam Sao That Ban, Chung Toi La Chien Si .. ?
Picture 4: We use it to find information quickly and chat with friends.
Friday, November 9th 2008
Unit 7:
Lesson 1 :
Period : 36
 Pre Reading:
Work in pairs: discuss three questions below
1. When do you often watch TV?
3. How many channels are there on our national TV?
2. How many hours per day do you watch TV?
05:35 Morning exercise
06:30 Population and development
07:20 Cartoon: The adventure of Donald Duck
08:00 TV series: Road of Life
09:00 News
09:15 Film: When the Birds Return
10:15 Comedy: Family Secrets
11:00 Music
12:00 Fifteen-minute News
13:00 Film: The Beauty of Life
14:20 People`s Army
16:15 Film: Punishment
19:00 News
20:00 Sport Comments
21:30 Folk Songs
23:00 News Headlines
23:30 Weather Forecast


07:30 Quiz Show

09:15 Drama: Stolen Heart

10:00 Music for Children

11:30 Portrait of life

12:00 Film: Deep in the City

14:30 Theatre: My Life

15:15 Documentary: The nature of Language

16:00 Culture and Education

19:00 News

20:00 Sports

21:30 Film: Guests of the Nation

23:00 Football: Liverpool vs. West Ham

15:15 Wildlife World
17:00 Around the World
18:30 Science Documentary
19:00 Business Comments
20:00 Learning English through songs
. While Reading
See the videos and tell the names of the programs
Wildlife World
Task 1: Match these words with their definitions
1. cartoon
2. drama
3. comedy
4. documentary
5. wildlife world
a ........: a play for the theatre, television or radio
b ..........: a film or a television programme giving facts about something
c ........: a film made by photographing a series of changing drawings
d .........: a film or a play that is intended to be funny, usually with a happy ending
e ............: a film giving facts about the life of birds, plants, animals... in the natural environment
Task 2: True or False statements

1. There are five news programmes on the three channels
2. There is a comedy programme on between 10: 15 and 11: 00
3. The Nature of Language is a documentary programme at 15: 15 on

4. The film Punishment is shown at 4: 15 p.m on VTV1
5. VTV1 starts at 5: 35 and ends at
23: 35
23: 30
Task 3: Ask and answer the following questions
How many films are on?
What time can you watch the news?
Which channel do you recommend to someone who likes animals?
What programme is on VTV3 at 7: 30?
Which channel will you watch if you like folk songs?
What is the last programme on VTV3?

There are 5 films
at 9:00, 12; 00, 23: 00 on VTV1 and at 19: 00 on VTV3
on VTV2 at 15: 15
The Quiz Show: Road to Olympia Peak
on VTV1 at 21: 30
Football: Liverpool vs. West Ham
? Post Reading: The programmes on TV
The programmes on TV
Weather forecast
Chúc bé ngủ ngon
Rung Chuông Vàng
Chúng Tôi Là Chiến Sĩ
Film: Cô Gái Xấu Xí
Which programmes do you like best? Why?
Home work:
Reread the reading and learn by heart the vocabulary
Do exercises in the work book, Part Reading, page 41
Prepare new lesson
Goodbye and see you again!
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