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Unit 8. Sports and games. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Người gửi: Phạm Kim Cúc
Ngày gửi: 14h:56' 30-08-2020
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By: Le Viet Phu
GAME: What programme is it?
Let’s try the game “What programme is it?”: We have two teams, A and B. One member from each team comes to the board without looking at the screen, listening to the other members in the group giving the explanation for different TV programmes. The one who guesses more correct words will be the winner. But one thing to remember, you mustn’t repeat the words in that programme’s name.
1. A comedy programme
2. A game show
3. The news
4. The sports (news)
5. An educational programme
6. A weather forecast
1. The programme which makes everyone laugh.
2. The programme which tests your knowledge about something.
3. The programme which talks about events in both Viet Nam and around the world.
4. The programme in which you can listen to comments on fooball matches or famous football players.
5. The programme which teaches children something.
6. The programme which predicts whether it is sunny or rainy tomorrow.
- Suggested explanation:
Who are they?
Where are Duong and Mai?
What are they talking about?
gym (n)
equipment (n)
fit (a)
get on # get off (v)
congratulations (n)
phòng tập thể dục
thiết bị, dụng cụ
khỏe mạnh
lên # xuống xe (buýt)
xin chúc mừng
Checking Vocabulary: Matching
fit (a)
gym (n)
congratulations (n)
equipment (n)
get on # get off (v)
phòng tập thể dục
thiết bị, dụng cụ
khỏe mạnh
lên # xuống xe (buýt)
xin chúc mừng
D: Wow! This gym is great!
M: Yeah, I really like coming here. The equipment is modern and the people are friendly. What sports do you do, Duong?
D: Well, I can do a little karate, and I play table tennis. Last week I played with Duy and I won for the first time.
M: Congratulations! How often do you do karate?
D: Every Saturday.
M: You’re very fit! I’m not good at many sports.
D: I have an idea. You can come to the karate club with me.
M: No, I can’t do karate.
D: But you can learn! Will you come with me on Saturday?
M: Well ... OK.
D: Great! I’ll meet you at the club at 10 a.m.
M: Sure. Where is it? How do I get there?
D: It’s Superfit Club, on Pham Van Dong Road. Take Bus 16 and get off at Hoa Binh Park. It’s 15 minutes from your house.
M: OK. See you then.
a. Answer the following questions.
1. What sports can Duong do?

2. Who is going to learn karate?

3. Why does Mai like going to the gym?

4. What happened last week?

5. Where are they going to meet on Saturday?
At the karate club on Pham Van Dong street.
He can play table tennis and do karate.
Mai is going to learn karate.
Because the equipment there is modern and the people are friendly.
Duong played with Duy and won for the first time.
b. Find these expressions in the conversation. Check what they mean.
1. Wow!:

2. congratulations!:

3. Great!:

4. See you (then):
used to show admiration
used to express surprise
used to congratulate Sb / to tell Sb that you are pleased about their success
used when you say goodbye
c. Work in pairs. Make a dialogue with the expressions. Then practise them.
A: Wow! You’ve got a new bike.
B: Yes. My mum bought it for me. She wants me to keep fit.
Can you make a similar conversation?
1. A: Would you like to see a movie with me tonight?
B: Sure. Where will we meet?
A: We’ll meet in front of the movie theater.
B: ________ I’ll see you at 7p.m.Don’t be late.
2. Ba: Hi, Mai
Mai: Hello, Ba. How are you?
Ba: I’m fine. Thank you. And you?
Mai: Fine, thanks.
Ba: Goodbye. See you again.
Mai: _______________
See you.
3. Anna: Mom, I won the first prize in the English speaking contest.
Mom: _______________, dear!
Anna: Thank you, Mom.
3. Listen and repeat these words and phrases.
1. boxing 2. fishing 3. aerobics
4. chess 5. table tennis 6. karate
7. cycling 8. swimming 9. volleyball
10. tennis 11. skiing 12. running
3. Using the words in 2, name these sports and games.
1. ____________ 2. _______________ 3. ______________
4. ______________ 5. _____________ 6. _______________
table tennis
Look at picture now. Is table tennis a sport or a game?
Well, sometimes it’s a sport and sometimes it’s a game. Do you know the difference between a sport and a game?
A sport is an activity that you do for pleasure and that needs physical exercise while a game is an activity or a sport with rules in which people or teams compete against each other.
Click here
4. Work in pairs. Put the words from 2 in the
correct groups.

table tennis
Play + Sport / Game
Do + Exercise
Go + V-ing
5. Put the correct form of the verbs play, do, go, watch and like in the blanks.
1. Duong can _________ karate.
2. Duy is not reading now. He ____________ a game of tennis on TV.
3. Michael ______ swimming nearly every day.
4. Phong doesn’t play football. He _________ reading books.
5. Khang _________ volleyball last Saturday evening.
is watching
6. Work in pairs. Ask your partner these
questions to find out how sporty they are.
1. Can you swim?
A. Yes B. No
2. Do you play outdoors every day?
A. Yes B. No
3. Do you get up early and do morning exercise?
A. Yes B. No
4. What do you usually do at break time at school?
A. Play in the schoolyard B. Sit in the classroom
5. What do you think of sports/games?
A. Very good/useful B. A waste of time
If your answers to the questions are mostly “A”, you are sporty. If they are mostly “B”, do more sport and try to be more active.
In my group, only Quan is inactive but Nam, Nga, ... and … are very sporty and active. Nam usually plays table tennis after school. Nga does aerobics every morning,…
Suggested report to the class
Yes, through the lesson you can now improve your vocabulary on the topic “Sports and Games”. you can also tell about some of the sports activities and you know when to use “play”, “do”, “go” with activities.
Please tell me what you have learnt today.
- Learn new words by heart.
- Practice the dialogue again.
- Write about one TV programme that you like and one that you don’t like.
- Prepare for Unit 8: A closer look 1.
See you again!
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